Vernon Dolezal

Vernon Dolezal

Vice President/CFO, Treasurer

Perform long-range fiscal planning, manage High Touch’s financial resources and oversee human resources.

Why High Touch?

“We will be successful if we provide our clients with the tools to make them more efficient and profitable.”

Shop Talk

Chief financial officers don’t usually get the chance to be entrepreneurs, but High Touch is a truly entrepreneurial business. We not only meet the current technological needs of customers but we look ahead and see what their future requirements might be. If we have the capabilities in-house, we use them or enhance them. If we do not, then we look at acquisitions that can deliver that capability. As CFO, it’s been great to help find and add the pieces that make High Touch a full-service IT company.



Bachelor’s in accounting, Kansas State University. Founded several small-business startups before moving to corporate accounting and finance. Member of 2012 Leadership Wichita class.


Rotary, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Girl Scouts and Leadership Wichita.

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