5 Ways Office 365 Can Boost Productivity for Your Organization

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Header photoAs a business owner or manager, one of your main concerns is likely to be surrounding the productivity of your team and how you can continue to empower them. Technology plays a key part in helping to give employees the tools they need to achieve overall business goals. Microsoft Office 365 combines a range of the programs you already know and use, with collaborative tools and cloud-based functionality. Below are some ways that Office 365 boosts the productivity within your organization.


Improved Accessibility

Thanks to the Cloud and it’s mobile capabilities, Office 365 is accessible on all types of devices. Your employees can stay in touch while on the go using a smart phone or tablet and still have access to the full Office Suite including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote and Publisher. Office 365 automatically saves to the Cloud, there’s no need to worry about losing progress or documents.


Collaboration Tools

Per user, the Office desktop applications can be installed on up to five computers, either at work or at home. Office 365 offers one TB of space in the Cloud to store documents as well as file sharing abilities. Office 365 also includes private social networking, which can aid teams in real-time collaboration.


Seamless Adoption

Getting the value out of something you have paid for is important. As with any new tool your office deploys, your employees will need to buy in and adopt the use of Office 365 to make it worth it. It’s likely that your organization already uses the traditional desktop suite of Microsoft tools and because of that familiarity, your group of users is more likely to adopt the use of Office 365.



The wide range of tools offered by Office 365 are adaptable to suit the needs of multiples types of organizations, regardless of size and function. Microsoft offers a variety of packages that can be arranged to include the tools you do want and leave out the ones you have no use for.


Simplified Deployment

Through the IT Management Dashboard you can add users, reset passwords, adjust subscription tiers, create security groups and manage service requests all in one place. By installing from the Cloud, users can download with a few clicks and get to work. Office 365 will also work side by side with older versions of Office without compatibility issues.

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