Choosing a business to help with your technology needs can be stressful. From customer service tools like phone systems and websites to business productivity components like data backup and recovery, software, and security, technology is expensive and affects every aspect of your business.

At High Touch, we know what it takes to run a business. Serving clients for over 30 years, we’ve engineered a unique experience that helps our customers feel comfortable using technology to solve their problems. Our clients have pointed out six major benefits that make the High Touch client experience a valuable one:

  1. We Understand Budgets.

    We’re experts at finding technology-based solutions that fit the size of your organization, your resources, and your budget. Learn how…

  2. We Know Business.

    It’s one thing to hire coders who put their heads down and blindly write your software. It’s a better experience working with software engineers that understand the business impact of the software they’re coding. In the end, you get a solution that truly works for your business. Learn how…

  3. We Deliver.

    We work with you to find the right solution for the business. Once we’ve figured out a plan of action, we deliver the project on time and on budget. Learn how…

  4. We Value Knowledge.

    High Touch delivers a complete a technology package from support to IT Solutions, Website Services, and more. Learn how…

  5. We Support Businesses.

    High Touch supports your business through every step of new technology purchases from planning to delivery and implementation with the support of knowledgeable engineers. Our engineers have diverse backgrounds, which allows us to tackle any issues that might pop up along the way. Learn how…

  6. We Add Value.

    We don’t just deliver solutions, we work with you to understand what’s at stake, improve your workflows, and find new ways technology can help you improve your bottom line. Learn how…

Stay in Touch

The holiday season is just around the corner. For businesses, that means client appreciation events, holiday parties, employee vacations, and for some of us, snow days. High Touch can help your business stay in touch with your employees and clients throughout the busy holiday season with hard working business communications tools.

Client Spotlight

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries provides funeral, memorial, and remembrance services to people of all faiths and cultures. High Touch is proud to provide and support IT Solutions for Mission Park. According to Nicole Morales, Chief Financial Officer,

“High Touch helps reestablish IT controls, streamlines our IT processes, and assists with any audits we may have. Even more impressive, High Touch truly understands their client’s operation and proactively…”

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Curious About Custom Software Development?

A custom software development project can seem overwhelming and out of reach. In reality, custom software is a smart solution for companies struggling to find solutions to a problem—you don’t want to spend the time, money, or resources on something that’ll only solve half of your problem. With custom software, you know your solution will fit like a glove.

Custom software can be as advanced as newly engineered native software or as simple as an integration that’ll help your existing software work better for you. Your business can benefit from custom software in a number of ways, including:

  • Automation. Create new software to automate your costly, mundane, or repetitive tasks.
  • Business enablement. Explore additional business opportunities and branch into new markets.
  • Efficiency. Quickly complete tasks using less resources.
  • Error reduction. Remove the human error aspect from your business
  • Profitability. Reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Learn more about the development languages we specialize in and the cost of custom development.

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