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“Vision: Powered by High Touch Technologies” at APRO

May 19, 2014

High Touch Technologies is partnering with APRO at the 2014 Conference to create “Vision: Powered by High Touch Technologies.” The Conference started today in Indianapolis.

“We are looking to create a lot of buzz and attention within the RTO industry,” Ellison Crider, Director of Sales said. “Competitors have been claiming they are working on the features we are demo-ing and we can say we did it!”

The High Touch Development Team has created a unique way to get attendees engaged while visiting “Vision: Powered by High Touch Technologies.”

“This is our vision of where we think the technology industry is going, toward the customer’s experience.” Crider says. He is not only referring to the new feature, but also the 70” motion detecting TV screen that will be placed in the Dream Store for attendees to interact with. Using motion or giving commands, attendees can quickly browse through RTO products.

High Touch will also unveil and demo five new game changing features for RTO clients. The features include:

  • Credit card integration
    • You can now take a credit card payment from within the payment, new agreement, or sales screen, eliminating the need for double entries. One swipe does it all! And the credit card device is already chip and pin enabled so that you will be ready for that technology when it is required.
  • Text messaging
    • You can now create text message collections or marketing campaigns to those customers who have agreed to receive text messages from you. And, from within the onscreen collections screen you have the ability of two way text messaging with customers. All text conversations are recorded for auditing and training purposes.
  • SQL database
    • Easily point and click to create reports from the new integrated SQL database at the store level. You can create your own queries to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

High Touch also sponsored the Awards Banquet which kicked-off the Conference. Visit rtohq.org for more information.

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