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Continued Commitment Moves Account Manager

January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Jan Miller

Wichita, KS – High Touch Technologies reinforces its commitment to the Rent-To-Own (RTO) industry by relocating Jan Miller, Senior Account Manager, and longtime employee to Dallas, Texas. In alignment with the 2014 strategic plan, Miller will manage High Touch’s growing accounts. Miller has been a High Touch employee since 1995, working in the RTO industry a total of 24 years.

High Touch says one of their main strategic goals involves customer retention and this move will help accomplish that. It puts them in a position to better understand their RTO clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and allows for easier travel access to many clients nationally. Miller says, “I look forward to working closely with our clients on their IT planning and spending more time in their businesses to better understand their needs and how we can fill those needs.”

Ellison Crider, Director of Sales, says “We are thrilled to have Jan take our customer service experience to the next level in Dallas. This demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ interest. This move makes the most sense for our clients and ensures their satisfaction.”

High Touch has two additional Senior Account Managers that will continue to manage their RTO clientele. Doug Funk and Donna DiTrani, who have been with High Touch in the RTO industry for a combined 25 years. High Touch says their clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area have been receptive to Miller’s move and they look forward to working closer with High Touch growing their RTO relationships.

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