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Contract Win with Mize and Company

May 26, 2015

High Touch Technologies Wins ERP Contract with Mize and Company

Wichita, KS – High Touch Technologies announced today that it has strengthened ties with Mize and Company, a wire products firm located in Kingman, Kansas. High Touch recently created the new website for the 80 year old, multi-million dollar operation and will now implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services in partnership with Decision Software, Inc.

“One of the primary reasons we selected the High Touch Decision Software ERP solution, was because the package is a single operating unit. With the competitors, we were facing a multiple ‘module’ approach, we needed pieces and parts of other modules,” commented the President of Mize and Company. “The High Touch Decision Software solution provides a single, robust platform in which all applications we need can be seamlessly integrated and enables us to define our needs, not be told what they are. Decision Software has a strong foundation and years of development at a competitive price. The truth is, there simply was not a more complete offering available anywhere near the price point provided by the High Touch ERP Decision Software.”

Mize and Company will be using Decision Builder to manage accounts and sales opportunities, process sales orders and invoicing, control purchasing and inventory, produce work orders and bill of materials to track production requirements and manage resource requirements. Financial activities will also be integrated including accounts receivables and payables, general ledger and financial reporting, cash management and payroll. “The Decision Builder ERP solution will be an important business tool to help Mize and Company with their vision to grow the business over the next couple of years.” said Kevin Anderson of Decision Software, Inc.

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