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CRM Time-savers

August 14, 2012

Having trouble keeping track of all your activities in CRM? Getting bogged down with customer requests in your email inbox? Getting multiple requests in a single email?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you to organize the chaos. You can create cases when customers call in or email for help. CRM can also be customized to further organize each case, creating sub-cases in each “master” case. This allows you to prioritize which items within a single email need to be addressed first before resolving the case. You can then regard emails from customers to post them to certain sub-cases, which helps avoid the issue of creating a new activity for every request and then having to scroll through all them. Further, you can assign sub-cases to other members of your team, so everyone can work in parallel to address your client’s concerns more quickly. Small organizational tips like this can be a real time-saver.

Want your project managers to be able to see what work your employees are working on? Having trouble resolving an issue and want to escalate the process to get help from someone else?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to produce an activity feed similar to Facebook’s Newsfeed. Whenever cases are created, closed, assigned, or routed to a queue, Dynamics CRM can post it to the activity feed, showing the most recent logs first. This allows project managers to view what cases are in the workflow or have been resolved. The activity feed can also be configured further to meet your company’s needs. For instance, you can have a case post to the feed when the severity of the case becomes higher than normal. This way, project managers and other associates that can lend a hand know which issues need to be resolved most urgently.

Can’t figure out where all your time went?

Perfect for service-oriented companies that bill on a per-length-of-time basis, third-party software TaskBlaze integrates with Microsoft Outlook to help keep track of all of your activities and appointments that can then be integrated with Dynamics CRM. Budgeting time for a service call on your Outlook Calendar is always a great tool for keeping track of time spent on a certain project. But what happens when the project has more issues than expected, or is easier to resolve than planned? You want to make sure that your billable time is accurate. When you use TaskBlaze on an Outlook appointment and then set it “Regarding” to your case, the total time spent on the case will be calculated automatically when you resolve the case.

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