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Employee Spotlight: Kristie Kennedy

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The act of caring has been Kristie Kennedy’s foundation throughout her career. During our Employee Spotlight interview, we asked Kristie, “What motivates you to be successful at work?”

“Providing for my son and my mother,” she said. “They are my ‘whys’ that keep me going.”

Kristie KennedyAs Client Care Manager, Kristie provides administrative, sales, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) support for High Touch’s internal and external clients. Through her work. Kristie brings the human touch to the sales and support process. She’s been helping High Touch clients since her first day on the job as a temporary receptionist back in 2005. According to Kristie, “My favorite part of my job is getting to know our partners and clients and building a real relationship beyond the typical sales/provider relationship.”

While she used to be High Touch’s first point of client contact, through her years of experience, she now provides more expert-level guidance to High Touch’s ERP clients and our Kansas City team.

A Career With Heart

Even at the beginning of her career, Kristie was focused on making things easier for the people around her. Kristie’s first job was sorting checks at a bank at night so bookkeepers could easily file them the next morning. She’s since moved on to helping people make their jobs easier through technology.

Kristie’s career at High Touch began when the company needed a temporary Receptionist to cover the front desk while the prior Receptionist started training for a potential new position. Upon hiring the prior Receptionist into a new role, Kristie was offered the full-time Receptionist position. “At the time, I wasn’t looking for a permanent position and told High Touch that I wasn’t interested,” states Kristie” In the meantime, they told me they’d keep me on as a temporary employee until I changed my mind. Two months later, they wore me down and I’ve been here ever since,” she laughs.

Since Kristie was hired, she has transitioned from Wichita Receptionist to Kansas City Client Care Manager. Almost 15 years later, her favorite project has been working on an Acumatica, Aspire, and IPS integration for Dennis’ 7 Dees, a gardening and landscape company headquartered in Oregon. “I got to work the whole sales process, including meeting everyone on-site at Aspire’s St. Louis headquarters,” states Kristie. “I loved the interaction, building a rapport, and meeting our client and vendor partners to build trusted relationships through the whole process.”

Caring at Home and at Work

Kristie’s home life has fueled her passion to be successful in her career. By growing her skills and expanding her role, Kristie has been able to provide for her mother and her son Jerame, who currently plays for the Dells Ducks Junior Premier hockey team in Wisconsin. Additionally, she has a dog named Icey and a cat named Tayma that depend on her. “I love Icey, but I don’t like accidents, so she wears a diaper in the house, it’s kind of a quirk I guess—a Lhasa Apso running around with a diaper on,” jokes Kristie.

In her free time, Kristie leads step studies and volunteers at her church within its Celebrate Recovery ministry. She also occasionally volunteers with local animal rescue services.

Get to Know Kristie

As part of our Employee Spotlight interview, we ask a series of lighthearted questions to highlight the unique, diverse personalities that make our High Touch team great. For fun, Kristie would enjoy a sit-down dinner with John Adams followed by swimming a few laps around a chocolate and peanut butter pool.

If you could move to any other High Touch market, which one would you choose?

Denver, but just from April 1 through September 30. I’d stay in Kansas City for the rest of the year.

If you could jump into a pool of anything of your choosing, what you fill it with?

Chocolate and peanut butter.

What’s one quirky thing people don’t know about you?

I don’t like accidents in my house, so while she’s inside, I make my dog wear a diaper.

What’s your favorite mobile app or website?

Right now, Rakuten. I love the cash back!

Which famous person would you have dinner with and why?

John Adams. I would like to ask about the details of the vision for the new nation and the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.

What’s something you always do wrong the first time?

Spelling the word “maintenance.”

Bringing the Human Touch to Technology.

Thank you, Kristie, for everything you do for High Touch!

Do you think you’d enjoy working alongside Kristie? Take a minute to learn more about High Touch’s Kansas City operations.

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