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Flexible Billing with Microsoft Dynamics SL

July 30, 2013

Microsoft Dynamics SL is able to help mid-size to small professional services firms, as well as non profit organizations and government contractors. It does this by meeting unique needs of these companies. Dynamics SL helps to organize financial reporting, grant accounting, expenses and time as well as buying goods and purchasing services. One of the most incredible aspects of this program is that it comes with Flexible billing. Microsoft created this option to help these organizations. There are several reasons that you should consider flexible billing when using this program.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Flexible Billing

Your company will end up with a larger cash flow. Reducing the lag time that is between the project activities and when you invoice for a project can be very helpful. Charges such as expenses, time, materials, and other allocations will now go straight to billing without the hassle of paperwork or having to get someone to manually enter the data.

You will be able to make sure that you can assign different billing methods, structures of rates, and even mark ups for each individual customers or project. Then you can generate the invoices needed on demand or automatically if needed, making it easy to personalize each customer’s invoice. This will allow you to make sure that your company has control that is flexible.

Tired of those invoice errors? With Microsoft Dynamics SL you won’t have this problem. You will be able to review and annotate drafts of invoices while online for format changes and editing. Best of all you can do this before printing and approval, saving you time and work.

When making an invoice there are no two jobs or products that are going to have the same cost and need the exact same invoice. That means it’s important to make sure that you get invoices that are tailored to each specific need. With the help of Tailor invoices available with this program you can make invoices that are made especially for each customer based on their specifications and future bills.

Customer service is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. With Dynamics SL you can make sure that your personnel get instant access to the information on the invoice, helping them to answer customer’s questions about their bill and invoice. Great customer service is something that makes customers much more likely to return to your business for future purchases.

With so many advantages of this program it’s not hard to see why your business should join. In fact it doesn’t take much and you can find many more benefits by just asking other businesses about how they utilize this program. Whether you are starting a new business or wanting to improve an existing one, you should not pass up the great opportunity to use the Microsoft Dynamics SL flexible billing option.

Note: Associates Solutions Inc. created this content before High Touch Technologies acquired the business in 2018. Click the following link for updated Kansas City contact information.

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