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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1 is now available

By September 27, 2012 December 31st, 2019 No Comments

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1 was built to help your business stay ahead of the game in this rapidly changing business market. Now you can give the right people at your company access to timely information they need to make everyday decisions.

Feature Pack 1 was built in a way to help your company stay connected. It’s about being able to collaborate in real-time and share important information in a way that is meaningful to your company. It’s face-to-face business when you can’t be face-to-face.

The business landscape today is business-on-the-go, and failure to adapt can really put you behind. Feature Pack 1 allows you to remotely access your Microsoft Dynamics SL project time and expense entry from anywhere using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Now you don’t have to rush back to the office or call in to have someone make changes for you.

Business Analyzer

One of the highlights of the new Feature Pack 1 update is the addition of Business Analyzer. Using the BA dashboard you can now better analyze KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and drill back through your data to find vital information. The new Business Analyzer allows you to assign roles giving your employees access to certain reports that they can use to make informed decisions.

Quick Query SSRS Report Generation

You can now create SSRS reports from existing or custom Quick Queries that can be viewed in Business Analyzer for quicker analysis of data. It also creates links in the reports back to the Dynamics SL screens so there is no more searching for the data you’re analyzing.

Microsoft Lync Connectivity

Feature Pack 1 now gives you the capability of collaborating with everyone else in your organization with video, audio, and chat opportunities. You can now save print screens directly into a chat conversation with co-workers to improve collaboration, saving you time and making your organization more efficient.

The release of Feature Pack 1 has been highly anticipated and proves to be extremely intuitive allowing companies to meet the demands of today’s fast-drive business world. Its collaborative tools are sure to help bridge the gap for organizations looking to share and examine information in a more dynamic way.

Note: Associates Solutions Inc. created this content before High Touch Technologies acquired the business in 2018.

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