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Microsoft SharePoint Integration with Yammer

July 23, 2013

Yammer brings the revolutionary, social media feel to file collaboration. File collaboration is the process of sharing files within your organization or company, but in a more organized and communicative mean. It is not mere file sharing. It is also a place where team members can bring their minds together as they discuss the file contents with each other.

One of the good things about Yammer is it integrates Microsoft SharePoint in the process of collaboration. SharePoint is perhaps the most famous file collaboration products since the concept has been promoted among organizations.

Integrating Yammer with Microsoft SharePoint

Several details must be kept in mind in order make these two valuable programs work together. If you will integrate Yammer with SharePoint 3.0, you should have the SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise or Standard Editions. A version with the Service Pack 1 installed can also be used for Yammer.

If using this program with SharePoint 2.0, you can use Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Enterprise or Standard to make the system work for you. The difference is that you need to install .NET Framework 3.0. The .NET Framework can be downloaded from Microsoft website or through automatic updates.

How to obtain Yammer for SharePoint?

It is a fact that you can integrate the system together. However, Yammer Enterprise users have the chance to use this solution with ease as part of their package. On the other hand, the installation MSI can be downloaded from Yammer’s website. Logging in is needed to download.

Getting around the Yammer side

You will be welcomed by the Yammer’s easy to navigate page. You can easily see the feeds and other notifications once collaboration has started on page. The platform itself gives you the latest updates on different SharePoint websites embedded on the page.

Placing your SharePoint page

You can set specific SharePoint pages depending on the material that you need to set. Set privileges for specific people and projects. Monitor different discussions posted by individuals who are invited to view the pages. In addition to viewing the pages, you can also make the file available for clients, team members, and even business partners. You can configure the privileges on the site itself to let only a small group of people view the collaborated files.

Access the shared files wherever you go

Many people ask about the importance of making Microsoft SharePoint work with Yammer. Both solutions work essentially the same. However, Yammer stands out among the rest with its ability to make files accessible through different portable devices. Gone are the days when you need to use a computer to visit files or view discussions. Bring your portable devices with you and access the shared pages as long as you have internet connection.

Yammer and Microsoft SharePoint indeed combine their fine features together that empower organizations with efficient team collaboration. Use them both to make sure you will have easy file management with your team while reading essential updates that guarantee success for your projects.

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