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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference WPC

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference WPCUniversally shortened WPC, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, is a conference held once a year by the Microsoft Corporation for its associate community. Partners at the WPC are taught on the subject of Microsoft’s plan for the upcoming year, interact positively while building connections, get to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date product innovations, share and exchange best practices in the market, as well as learn new skills in addition to techniques. At the conference, Microsoft executives as well as featured speakers make major addresses. There are also business-track specific contributions, as well as hundreds of sessions.

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

In no doubt, it’s enormous being a Microsoft partner; however amongst the biggest benefits of membership is being able to work in partnership with other associates in the immense network of the Microsoft Partner Network. Amongst the unsurpassed places to engage in high level networking is at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).

In order to understand better what the conference is all about; the following is the pinnacle motivation that individuals have for attending the conference:

The Connections

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is the ideal place to connect, support, as well as strategize with the partners with the purpose of benefiting a business. The centrally placed innovations and partnerships engage more or less in: crafting ground-breaking products as well as elucidations in the Microsoft milieu. At this era of virtual social networking, still in the flesh rendezvous with compatible thinkers in a similar field is beyond price.

Numerous Awards

If you fancy getting acquainted with the best businesses or individuals in the world at what they do within the emerging technologies, vertical markets, along with services, then the conference is a must attend for you. At the WPC a close eye is kept on the field; those named are businesses as well as individuals who encompass a great indicator of originality, accomplishment, in addition to being able to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem to their best advantage.

Strategic alignment

Most of the time at WPC is spent meeting with analysts as well as Microsoft executives while having strategic planning sessions. This is undoubtedly an awesome venue to give as well as receive unambiguous information about roadmaps, innovation, along with strategy.

This also, is the ideal location to talk about technologies of the future rather than dwelling in old out dated technologies of the past. At WPC, a business or individual can align their business plans with avant-garde industry leaders to launch a business on an alleyway to success.


Solution Innovation Center is used as a platform for the most up-to-date enterprise social innovations to the Microsoft partner community. A Walk around the Solution Innovation Center illustrates a glimpse of where technologies along with innovation are headed.

To maximize your own time while attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, bring key players as well as plan ahead. For instance, the meetings to attend in addition to the addresses to pay attention to.

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