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#NationalDonutDay: 5 Cybersecurity Tips You Do-Nut (do not…donut…get it?) Want to Forget

By June 5, 2020 No Comments


The first Friday in June is National Donut Day! Who can resist a fresh donut still warm from the fryer? We’ve got something almost as irresistible—5 cybersecurity tips you do-nut (do not…donut…get it?) want to forget.

1. SPRINKLE in New Passwords

Update your passwords often and always choose smart passwords. There’s a reason why password requirements are becoming increasingly advanced—hackers are getting smarter by the day. Remember to keep your passwords unique, impersonal, and uncommon. More password tips.

2. Don’t Let Your Backups Go STALE

In the business arena, you always want to be prepared for a potential data disaster. They can occur at any moment from any cause, such as a natural disaster, cyberattack, hardware failure, corrupt file, theft, or human error. Test your backups often and make sure you update them regularly.

3. Employee Education Isn’t a CAKEwalk.

Ensure your employees and business colleagues are educated when it comes to cybersecurity basics. Share common threats and safety tips with anyone in your network. Unsure of where to start? See the most common cyberattacks

4. Test Your FRY-erwalls.

It’s easy to forget your firewall is keeping you safe when it’s working properly. Be proactive—new cybersecurity threats appear every day. Ensure your firewall is updated and performing at 100%. Remember to test preventative solutions like anti-virus, content filtering, and advanced threat protection.

5. Don’t GLAZE Over Software Updates

Oftentimes, software updates contain critical security patches that protect you from newly discovered security threats. Zero-day exploit cyberattacks occur when hackers discover security vulnerabilities in software. Between when the hacker discovers the vulnerability and the software manufacturer develops a security patch, the hacker tries to install as malware or gather as much information as they can. When your software is out of date, your business is a sitting duck for a reputation-crushing cyberattack.

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