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Outgrown QuickBooks?

December 10, 2012

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When you start experiencing long delays with your menus or printing, you have more than likely outgrown QuickBooks. This is a great problem to have because it means your business is growing too! Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed for companies like yours. With more than a thousand extra features that QuickBooks does not support, GP is built for better financial reporting and integration with your current Microsoft Office programs to help your business continue to grow.

Much like running your business out of your basement was acceptable in the past, you’re business has grown far too large and has since started renting an office or warehouse. The same can be said of QuickBooks and GP. QuickBooks was great in the beginning, but now you’re starting to realize that it’s not quite handling your needs. It’s like running out of room in your basement, and now your forced to use your washer and dryer as your desk, so to speak. Enter Dynamics GP— much more efficient for growing businesses that still want a product that works and takes the headache out of accounting.

If you’ve ever opened up a Microsoft Office product you’ll sense a theme of familiarity between the various software packs. It’s to help you learn how to use each product easier. The same can be said of Dynamics GP. Built on the same famous Microsoft platform, Dynamics GP gives you that similar look and feel that you’ve come accustomed to in a Windows product. In addition a to familiar interface, Dynamics GP integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products. So, whether it’s report building with Word Templates, exporting data to Excel, scheduling events in Outlook, or updating contact information in Dynamics CRM, GP let’s you do this with ease.

Still not sure if your business is ready to make the leap to Dynamics GP? You’re not alone, but you still need to take certain things into consideration. If your business is going to continue to grow you’re going to need to remain industry compliant. Dynamics GP is fully customizable across your organization including Financials, HR, Manufacturing, Distribution, service and more. GP allows you to tailor the software to meet the individual needs of your organization while keeping up with demands of industry requirements.

In addition to departmental customization, Dynamics GP is highly functional and allows you to assign certain roles to various employees. This gives each employee pre-defined access capabilities to reports, templates, windows, etc. for a role-based user experience. Dynamics GP also doesn’t restrict the number of users you want to purchase to access your data. Give everyone in your company access to this timely data or only the decision makers; it’s your choice!

Note: Associates Solutions Inc. created this content before High Touch Technologies acquired the business in 2018. Click the following link for updated Kansas City contact information.

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