Phone System Resources: Managing Your Phone System During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

By March 23, 2020May 19th, 2020No Comments

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect the way businesses operate, we have compiled some essential tips and resources to help you manage your office phone system during this difficult time.

Business CommunicationsBelow, you will find instructions, arranged by phone system, for call forwarding, setting alternate greetings, and accessing your voicemail remotely. If you are a current High Touch phone system customer, and you do not see your phone system listed below, please contact us if you need additional help regarding these capabilities. If you’re not an existing High Touch phone system customer, but you would like to learn how to implement a remote workforce quickly with a cloud-based phone system, contact us. We can help.

We will continue to compile this list of resources as we field questions during the outbreak.

Note: You can locate specific instructions for your phone system, including mailbox numbers and passwords, in the System Administration folder that was provided to you at the time of installation. If you cannot locate your System Administration folder, please contact us to provide replacement documentation.

Remote Softphone Users

Many of our existing clients have the capability to add licenses and make network adjustments if they choose to enable remote softphone capabilities. If you are interested in accessing remote softphone features, please contact us to verify your system’s current capabilities and requirements for setup.




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