PowerPoint: More than a Slide Show

September 28, 2015

PowerPoint is a presentation software package developed by Microsoft that is widely used because of its convenient tools and vast array of capabilities. Utilized in educational settings and through a variety of organizations and industries, PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office package. It can be especially helpful to firms that are seeking an affordable way to create and give presentations as well as create other artwork for company use.

PowerPoint is highly customizable thanks to templates and themes, which you can easily select through the program or create yourself. PowerPoint also gives users the ability to insert shapes, photos, animations, charts, tables, audio and video into their presentation. With built-in alignment tools and smart guides, there is no need to worry about objects and text falling into proper formation. These design and presentation tools allow users to create professional looking artwork even if they do not have direct access to a graphic design team.

Beyond presentations, users can save slides as jpeg images or in PDF format to be used for different purposes. For example, High Touch uses PowerPoint to create slides that are uploaded to our lobby television to welcome visitors to our offices. An internal employee committee also uses PowerPoint to create a monthly newsletter. The presentation is in a letter format which is also saved as a PDF and uploaded to our intranet for employees to view.

Want to get started? Visit the Microsoft Office support portal and find out how to perform basic tasks in PowerPoint as well as get some tips on how to create the most effective presentation for your audience.

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