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Silver Brook HR Fixes for Microsoft Dynamics SL

August 1, 2012

Having issues with your Silver Brook HR add-on for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011? The following issues are some that our clients have recently come across with Silver Brook’s HR add-on for SL 2011 and have now been resolved.

  • Having trouble with the Training Requirements Report for SL 2011, including SP1, where not all records are reflected on the report, and it doesn’t seem to matter if a current or a future date is requested?
  • Can’t get the Position ID to clear when moving to the next field (Job ID) in the Job History Screen?
  • Benefit Enrollment screen creating confusion because deleted records appear on the Silver Brook Benefit Enrollment screen reflected as “Synchronized” (and/or multiple lines for the same benefit) appear in the details? (Resolutions for SL 2011, SL 2011 SP1, all Service Pack and Feature Pack levels of SL 7 & HR feature pack 7B, as well as HR Feature Pack 7A and earlier are available.)

Note: Associates Solutions Inc. created this content before High Touch Technologies acquired the business in 2018. Click the following link for updated Kansas City contact information.

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