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Success Story: U.S. Transport

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From Unreliable IT to Stable Platform Prepared for Growth

US Transport

Rick Bowen, VP of Maintenance and Purchasing
Steve Hochmiller, VP Sales Operations Front Range
Debbi Foster, Executive Assistant
U.S. Transport
241 W 56th Ave
Denver, CO 80216


Nine months ago, U.S. Transport’s Information Technology (IT) network was barely able to keep its head above water. There was a constant array of technology disasters hampering the company’s desire to grow and expand, according to Executive Assistant Debbi Foster.

“U.S. Transport operates in the mining, utilities and road construction industries in the Western United States, and has existed since 2004 when eight different companies were rolled into one. The trucking company, solely owned by Steve Nelligan, has eight locations in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions, with over 200 employees and 80 owner operators.

According to Foster, who has worked at the company for over a year managing internal projects, IT services and inventory, technology is essential to U.S. Transport in order to dispatch trucks, communicate with drivers, track inventory and manage the company. With the partnership of High Touch Technologies, Foster has seen the company reach a level of stability in recent months that seemed nearly impossible a year ago.

Tech Challenges and Disheartened Employees

“Before High Touch began working with our network, our company’s IT infrastructure was basically on life support,” said Foster. “We had servers crashing every day, and things were very chaotic. However, in the last nine months, we have become stable and can finally look towards the future. Instead of human energy being drained by challenges, it can now be directed towards the growth of the company and development of new markets.”

U.S. Transport reached out to High Touch in response to a positive referral when Nelligan saw the need to change managed service providers. “We had a big mess to clean up,” said Foster. “We had printers that weren’t given new IP addresses and they were printing all over the place. We’d send something to a printer down the hall and it would show up in New Mexico. It was a very stressful environment.”

Not only was the technology unreliable, but employees were growing weary as well. “Every day, there was some kind of IT problem,” said Foster. “The staff had lost faith in putting in service tickets. Most of the time they didn’t even bother. It was super frustrating, and we weren’t able to conduct business in an efficient manner.”

Finding Stability and Support

In the last nine months, High Touch has helped U.S. Transport develop a scalable platform prepared for future growth, said Foster. “First off, they have helped us get the system stable. Secondly, they have given us a forecast of what’s coming so we can budget. This gives our accounting department time to plan for purchases, and then we can organize implementation. That kind of forecasting is very helpful.”

Services provided to U.S. Transport by High Touch include cloud and data center, virtual desktop and server management, consulting and support. In addition, U.S. Transport now has regular backups for data recovery, anti-virus and firewalls throughout their network. “We had really great success with having our IT infrastructure stabilized,” said Foster. “That would be the key. Support has been fabulous as well. I don’t know which is more important, but they kind of go hand in glove. Overall, the High Touch team here in Denver did a fabulous job of making our system secure.”

Foster would describe the last nine months with High Touch to be a breath of fresh air. “I can definitely say that our staff, across the board, is much more willing to pick up the phone and dial High Touch because they know they will get results,” said Foster. “In addition, the frustration level has reduced and downtime is almost nonexistent, which allows employees to really focus on their jobs.”

U.S. Transport’s new level of stability and scalability has allowed the company to expand—opening a new terminal in Dallas, Texas in the spring of 2015, and another to open in Houston in the fall. With High Touch’s help U.S. Transport also implemented a new piece of software for automated workflow and electronic document storage, saving the company time and money.

Connecting on a Personal Level

In addition to coming in to fix the current issue, High Touch employees connect with clients on a personal level, said Foster. “Honestly, when the guys show up once a week and walk around and check on everything, people love them! And when they explain something to our end-users, they don’t keep it in technical terms. They make it understandable for people, which really does make a difference.”

In the future, U.S. Transport hopes to implement a disaster recovery plan and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. “We will definitely continue our partnership with High Touch as we move forward because we’ve gotten great results and are very satisfied by the services we’ve been receiving,” said Foster. “I would encourage others to make the decision to partner with High Touch as well. We have nothing but good things to say.”

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