The Latest Version of Word – Microsoft 2013

September 15, 2015

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used word processing programs because of its flexibility in creating documents ranging from simple to sophisticated. Letters, brochures, reports, learning activities, tests, quizzes and even students’ homework assignments can be drafted in Word. It is widely used for both personal and professional needs, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises. Available as a stand-alone product or as part of the Microsoft Office suite, the program is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Nearly every computer user can view or edit a Word document through the Word application itself, a Word viewer or a word processor that imports the Word format.

Word has come a long way since it was first released in 1983. While the latest version of the program—Microsoft Word 2013—has enhanced design functionality and capabilities spanning document creation to reading, editing, and collaboration, it most notably has the following stand-out features:

  1. When you’re connected to the cloud, you’re connected to your content. Your documents are saved to the cloud (Microsoft SkyDrive) by default—this acts as a backup so you don’t have to worry about losing your work. Since your documents are in the cloud, you can get them on your tablet, PC and phone no matter where you are.
  2. Collaboration is easier and multiple versions are a thing of the past. Managing and reviewing documents with multiple contributors is easier, as all changes and comments are consolidated in a single version on SkyDrive.
  3. Lost the Word version of a PDF? Don’t worry, now you can edit it in Word 2013 via PDF Reflow. PDF Reflow is a functionality of Word 2013 that makes PDFs into editable Word documents. By simply opening a PDF in Word 2013, you essentially create a new Word document which retains a good portion of the structure of the original document.

This list is just a scratch on the surface of what the program can do, and there’s a lot to like about the new Microsoft Word 2013. Collectively, the new features will make your day-to-day work easier to perform.

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