Tips and Tricks for Migrating to Office 365

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Taking on new technology systems can be nerve wracking. Those who are less experienced with Information Technology may be concerned with the process of migrating off of the current software they use to a new, unknown platform. Measures can be taken to improve your chances of a complete and full migration to Office 365, as well as take away the headache that comes with implementing the new technology.

Prepare your staff

Depending on the size of your business, a migration to Office 365 can take as many as three days. During this time, the employees within your company will not have access to files and email. There will also be a transitionary period where staff will need training on the new systems. Be sure to inform them of the migration process and what they can expect.


Archive and delete

The larger the files involved, the slower the migration will go. It’s a good idea to have all users archive their emails or complete delete those that are no longer necessary. This will minimize the amount of files required to be involved in the transfer.


Check your bandwith

Ensure your internet connection has the bandwidth to handle this cloud-based migration activity. The demand generated by a migration will likely be great enough to slow internet speeds for all of those connected to that particular network. Handling a migration outside of business hours is ideal, so that those who rely on internet to accomplish their tasks are not held up.


Ask a professional

A managed services provider should be able to assess your current technology to determine the best time and execution process for a migration. They can lead you through the process and ensure you are making the best decision based on your current systems. Unexpected issues are likely to occur if you attempt a migration on your own, so consider your experience level when it comes to execution of the process.

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