Information sharing plays a vital role in business communications within your company, between departments and employees, and between your company and customers. High Touch Technologies expertly designs structured cabling systems for a variety of applications:

  • Telephone
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Fax
  • Paging
  • Surveillance
  • Audio
  • Video conferencing

Cabling Installation

High Touch employs knowledgeable technicians with wide-ranging installation experience. Dependable experts plan for new builds, add on to existing cabling, and upgrade outdated materials and equipment.

Security-focused technicians can also identify and repair poorly installed or improperly terminated cabling.

Cabling Materials

There are two major cabling materials:



Provides a cost-effective solution for your small to medium-sized business. Copper cabling is suitable for shorter run distances, voice transmission, and low-bandwidth operations.

Fiber Optics

Offers a high-speed solution for larger-bandwidth companies. Fiber-optic cabling offers long-distance signal strength, high security, and durability.

Cost of Cabling

Every cabling job is unique and comes with its own challenges. With 30+ years of experience, High Touch is equipped to analyze and quote cabling installations, add-ons, and upgrades for small to medium-sized businesses. High Touch considers the following calculations when developing a cabling quote:

Building size and application

In addition to overall cable length and drop count, the physical dimensions and construction features of the building are highly variable. Businesses commonly install cabling within the ceiling. In these applications, the height, type, and size of the ceiling contribute to the cost of cabling.

Depending on the size of the job, you may need additional riser cabling between floors or outdoor cabling between buildings. Both of these cabling services greatly affect the overall cost estimate.

Cable type and material

The price between fiber-optic and copper cabling has narrowed over the years, but the cost to install fiber-optic cable still exceeds copper. Moreover, depending on the application, there are multiple types of cable to choose from, all with different price points:

  • Data/Network and voice cable. Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat 6a.
  • Fiber-optic cable. Multi-mode (62.5 and 50 µm), single-mode, fusion splice, and outside plant
  • CATV. Coax RG6 or RG11
  • Audio/Video cable. Cable type depends on equipment.

Cabling hardware

Required and requested hardware prices fluctuate depending on the cabling application. Paging and speaker systems require different hardware than a patch panel install, rack and ladder system, telecom room, or data center build out.

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In addition to cabling, High Touch can assist your business with software, technology, and communications solutions. See IT Solutions, Software Solutions, Business Communications, Website Services, and Security Solutions for more information.