Phone Systems

A modern phone system for your business offers cutting-edged technology, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-site networking
  • Call recording
  • VOIP phones
  • Voicemail to email
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Cell phone mobility
  • Web and audio conferencing
  • Desktop call control
  • Browser-based administration
  • VoIP – cloud, hosted and on premise offerings

Cloud-based, hosted, or VoIP telephone system

A cloud phone system solution involves hardware and software that is not located in a customer’s building. Hardware and software is provided by a service provider “off premises.”

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet.

On-premise phone system

An on-premise phone system involves hardware and software that is located in a customer’s building. These on-premise components of a telephone system are frequently referred to as common equipment units, phone system cabinets, servers, and central processing units.

Differences – connections and pricing

The primary difference between premise and cloud-based/hosted VoIP systems lies in their method of connection and pricing.

Cloud/hosted/VoIP phone systems connect through your business’s existing internet connection. That connection is to a remote third-party phone company that houses your necessary phone hardware. These phone systems can provide lower initial equipment cost up-front, however, there is no ownership of the system.

With on-premise phone systems, you purchase IP phones that run through a router and network switch. On-premise phone systems reside at your physical location, often integrated into a computer equipment room or phone closet, and frequently lessening quality issues that can occur when connecting through the internet. Your up-front costs will be higher with a premise-based system, however purchasing an on-premise VoIP phone system provides lower total cost of ownership beginning around the second year for most companies.

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Phone System Upgrade?

Being proactive and staying ahead of your telecommunication needs is critically important, however justifying a business phone system upgrade can be challenging. Here are a few signs you’re in need and don’t know it.

Modern Features & Capabilities

Perhaps you need teleconferencing availability, or want your computer and phone to integrate? If it has been several years since you changed your business phone system, then there are many new features to see.

Business Expansion / Move

If you are moving most new systems can scale up or down to accommodate the infrastructure of the new building. If you are expanding now may be a great time to look at your current system and determine if can expand with you.

Phone Provider Problems

If you are consistently paying for visits from on-site phone line technicians, it is time to look at a new system. With most of the new phone systems a lot of the need for your hardware provider goes away. Most new systems can be accessed through the internet, saving time and cost.

More Integration (travel, remote options)

Does your team travel to client visits, or to other offices? Do you have remote workers, or are you considering a work-from-home process? Mobile forwarding is often a standard feature with new business phone systems.

Your phone system should enhance your business – not inhibit it. Be proactive and explore options to improve your technology before it becomes disruptive and too expensive. Whether or not an immediate switch is right for you, let a trusted professional provide you options.

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