Technology Consulting

Is your business considering migrating to cloud-based services, expanding operations, or purchasing new hardware and licensing? With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, High Touch Technologies can provide business-to-business consulting related to many of our IT Solutions.

Through our consulting process, High Touch can help your business determine cost-effective solutions to technology-related problems. In addition, High Touch can help you reduce your total cost of ownership and optimize your return on investment with a technology audit.

IT Consulting Services

We provide IT-related, business-to-business consulting services alongside our five lines of business: IT Solutions, Software Solutions, Business Communications, Security Solutions, and Website Services. To learn more about our consulting services, contact us. Most commonly, High Touch provides consulting related to:

IT Consulting
  • Servers and workstations. Experts in security, system performance, enterprise user administration, and software can advise you on device management and configuration.
  • Networks. We provide guidance on technology infrastructure solutions, including wireless networks, with an emphasis on security, speed, and dependability.
  • Data backup. We’ll explain and help you consider data backup solutions, including cloud-based, on-premise, image, and file backup services.
  • Hardware. High Touch helps you consider purchasing, upgrading, or replacing your company’s hardware and IT infrastructure to ensure your business is running efficiently, securely, and dependably.
  • Phone systems. We can help you understand modern phone system hardware and the differences between cloud-based, VoIP, and on-premise phone systems.

Cost of Consulting

High Touch’s years of experience can help you discover cost-effective hardware, software, licensing, and security solutions. For each consulting service, High Touch provides business review documents to outline the work we performed and our cost of consulting.

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In addition to consulting, High Touch can help you with your implementation and management needs. See Remote IT Management, Data Backup and Recovery, Hardware, and Special Projects for more information.