Data Backup & Recovery

Your business’s data is a financial asset that you need to protect. According to the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.

Can your company survive a data disaster?

High Touch Technologies offers complete backup and recovery solutions to keep your company’s data protected, accessible, and secure. For complete data protection, High Touch recommends a five-step approach:

1. Determine your storage needs.

Which files do you need to back up? How much storage space do you need?

2. Decide when your file backup should occur.

How often do you need to back up your files: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.?

3. Create a local backup.

An on-site backup solution such as a second internal drive, external hard drive, network attached storage (NAS), or CD/DVD-ROM.

4. Create a cloud backup.

An off-site cloud backup solution that keeps your data safe and accessible if a disaster happens at your physical location.

5. Test your backups.

The worst time to discover that your backup has failed is when you realize you need it the most. Make sure you test your backups regularly.

Server and Workstation Management

Disaster Recovery

Data disasters from water-damaged hardware to overwritten files can happen to any business at any time. With a proper data backup plan, High Touch can protect your business’s files from any disaster, including:

Natural disasters

Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes—natural disasters can strike at any moment and destroy any on-site hardware that houses your data.


Data is a valuable resource. Without proper cybersecurity, hackers can steal, manipulate, and destroy your business’s data and reputation.

Hardware failure

Multilayered data backup is essential when your hardware stops working. If all of your files are in one place, and that piece of hardware fails, you could lose everything.

File corruption

File corruption can happen for a number of reasons, including viruses, operating system error, and file writing error. Once corrupted, files are difficult to repair.


Technology is expensive and oftentimes small enough to steal. If someone sneaks into your business and steals hardware, a data backup is essential.

Human error

We’ve all been there—you accidentally delete or overwrite an important file and have to start over from the beginning. With a good data backup, you can retrieve past versions of files.

Cost of Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery has many factors to consider when you’re calculating how much your solution will cost. Most importantly, you need to estimate how much storage space you’ll need to house your data. Depending on your business’s needs, you might need to back up everything. Some businesses decide to back up only what they deem important. The choice is up to you and your budget.

Next, you’ll need to decide how often you want to back up your data and how long you want the backup to last. The longer you want the data available and the more often you want to back it up, the more expensive your data backup and recovery solution will be.

Finally, you need to consider how accessible you want your data to be. Will you want continuous access to your data backup or just intermittent access?

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