Remote Workplace Solutions

Establishing a successful remote workplace requires careful planning, tools, and support. Unfortunately, most of us can’t flip a switch to convert an existing on-premise business to a remote one overnight. But, if you plan ahead, you can!

High Touch offers Remote Workplace Solutions to help businesses make the most of their remote work environment. Whether it’s helping set up your remote workplace technology, creating custom software tools, enabling your e-commerce strategy, or supporting your technology needs remotely, we have the skills and experience to help make things easier.

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Remote Workplace Services

Remote IT and Cybersecurity

Explore the technology solutions that are essential for operating a remote workplace.

Remote IT & Cybersecurity

Remote Workplace Communications

Stay connected and collaborative with cloud-based telecommunications and virtual collaboration tools.

Remote Communications


Discover cloud-based, custom integrations, off-the-shelf software, and e-commerce solutions to help boost your business’s bottom line.


Remote Workplace Resources

Check out tips, tricks, and news from High Touch for remote workplaces.

Remote Resources



I cannot tell you how happy I am that High Touch helped us switch to the cloud, Windows 10, and Microsoft Teams. Our six team members have been on it constantly. We’ve outlawed email, and instead, we text each other through Teams.

We have two standing meetings every day via Teams. We had our monthly breakfast as a Teams event with 72 of our investors attending.
Thank you, Armando, Jessica, and the High Touch team, for watching over us. You may not have seen something like COVID-19 in the future, but we are set up to tackle everything that comes our way.

Mike Culbertson, COOCorpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation