Remote IT and Cybersecurity

hardwareTransitioning to a remote workplace doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, remote workplaces give employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime. Remote workplace solutions, such as cloud computing services, often provide greater value and security for organizations that have depended on on-premise solutions in the past.

However, keeping track of hardware, applying software updates, and managing security for a distributed workforce is a tough job. It’s even tougher when you trying to manage your business in a newly remote environment or if you don’t have the existing cloud infrastructure in place.

High Touch Technologies has the solutions and experience to help you manage and enable your remote workplace though technology.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services provide remote access to the technology services, tools, and infrastructure you would typically use in the office every day, including servers, data storage, applications, and workstations.

For example, instead being tied to your designated on-site workstation, cloud computing services, such as Microsoft Azure, allow you to access your technology services, tools, and infrastructure from anywhere on any workstation with an internet connection.

Enabling your remote workforce with Microsoft Azure

A cloud computing platform provides the tools organizations need to operate remotely, including integration with and virtualization of on-premise systems and applications.

Microsoft Azure provides over 100 applications and services, including:

  • Windows Virtual Machines. Run Microsoft Windows as an application on your computer.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop. Create multiple desktops, in different windows, to organize and display tools and applications.
  • Application Hosting and Development Tools. Develop cloud-based applications using any platform or language.
  • Networking. Connect all your resources, both on-premise and cloud, using Azure’s virtual network.
  • Cloud Data, File, Image, and Video Storage. Store and backup your data, files, images, and videos using Azure cloud services.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). IoT describes all the internet-connected devices that collect and share data. For example, “smart” things like water meters, video streaming devices, hospital monitoring equipment, security cameras, and lightbulbs, that are connected to the internet and send or receive data to or from something else. Azure can help you build IoT applications and manage your existing IoT devices and data.
  • Security and Monitoring. Secure your connected devices with active Microsoft security and monitoring tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services. Analyze, comprehend, and make predictions using your data and Azure’s toolkit.
  • DevOps. Create a platform for sharing application code, tracking work, and shipping software.

Securing your business remote workforce

The Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform provides an advanced level of physical and cybersecurity. With Azure, your organization has access to advanced, multilevel security and monitoring tools to protect your hardware, data, applications, and network.

Additionally, Microsoft is responsible for the physical security of the Azure infrastructure. Consider how your on-premise data security budget would compare to Microsoft’s—since 1989, the company has invested over $15 billion in cloud infrastructure and security.

Pricing and deploying cloud computing services

Cloud computing replaces the capital expense of purchasing hardware, software, and data centers with the operational expense of a cloud computing subscription. Microsoft Azure is scalable, in terms of cost and services, to your organization’s size and needs.

When properly structured, cloud computing solutions can be less expensive than building and maintaining an on-premise network. Plus, you get the advantage of mobility, anywhere access to data and applications, and improved system security.

In our experience, most cloud computing deployments take about a month to complete, including one week of planning, two weeks of system setup and integration, and one week of monitoring and testing.

As you would imagine, the total cost and time to deploy a cloud computing platform will depend on the size and requirements of your organization. High Touch can complete most cloud computing deployments with minimal on-site interaction.

Remote IT Management

Through our U.S.-based support center, High Touch offers 24x7x365 access to technicians and engineers to support your business and its employees, in any location, at any time.

With a focus on dependability, efficiency, and security, our Remote IT Management agreements include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Performance management
  • Help desk support
  • Software patching
  • System monitoring
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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Remote workplaces require consistent and reliable data backup solutions to ensure your data and files are accessible and secure if a disaster occurs. High Touch provides data backup and disaster recovery services remotely, including on-premise backup management and off-site cloud backup services.

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Virtual Network Security

Remote workplaces depend on reliable, secure networks to get work done. High Touch provides multilayered cybersecurity solutions to help keep businesses safe, including advanced threat protection, firewalls, endpoint protection, and email security.

In addition, High Touch can help your remote workplace manage the challenge of bring your own device (BYOD) security.

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VPN Licensing

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure private connection over a less-secure residential or public network.

Remote workplaces have employees and devices working on connections with varying levels of risk and security. A VPN ensures a secure network connection between remote devices and on-premise or cloud-based resources.

High Touch can establish VPN connections and manage licensing for remote workplaces without any on-site work required.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Remote workplaces have unique cybersecurity requirements. How do you keep your hardware safe when your employees are working off your business’s protected on-premise network?

EDR works by monitoring your endpoints (servers, computers, mobile devices, etc.) in real-time to detect cyberattacks, isolate infected machines, alert administrators, and remove cyberthreats. Once a device has been infected, EDR quarantines it and notifies the system administrator that a cyberattack has been detected.

With EDR, you can ensure your devices remain safe in the field and safely reintegrate into your on-premise network when needed.

Bringing the Human Touch to Technology.

In addition to technology and cybersecurity solutions, High Touch provides cloud-based telephony, collaboration tools, business management software, and custom software support with the safety and security of remote workplaces in mind.

High Touch can provide a customized package of solutions, services, and support to help your remote workplace stay connected, collaborative, and secure. Contact us today or visit our Remote Workplace Resources page to learn more.

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