Does your business have the right software and tools to work remotely? Or, have you simply found a way to make on-premise tools work in a remote environment?

High Touch specializes in providing Software Solutions with the success of the remote workplace in mind, including:

  • Cloud-Based ERP Software
  • Custom Software Integrations
  • E-Commerce Software Tools
  • Mobile Application Development

Cloud-Based ERP Software

With cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you have access to accurate business reporting and accounting data that you can access anywhere, anytime, on any device.

High Touch specializes in implementing Acumatica, a modern, cloud-based ERP software system that streamlines ERP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in one platform. Acumatica gives organizations the tools for healthier financial and operational performance.

Why do remote workplaces need ERP software?

  • Understand the business. Demolish your communications and reporting silos with transparent, company-wide data dashboards.
  • Promote greater flexibility. Easily transfer data between digital environments. Plus, your licensing plan grows with your business.
  • Adopt industry-specific smart solutions. Acumatica bundles its software in industry-specific toolsets, which means quicker, more efficient implementations. As a provider, High Touch can customize the package to meet your business’s goals.
  • Strengthen business/employee relationships. Acumatica gives your business the tools it needs to manage expectations and deadlines. With ERP software, you can create a more productive environment by improving time management, automating repetitive tasks, and identifying process and workflow improvements.
  • Encourage leaders to perform. With transparent data and reporting, leaders can understand their expectations and how to encourage their teams in the right areas.

Pricing and integrating cloud-based ERP software

Acumatica bundles its ERP software in cost-efficient, industry-specific packages. With High Touch’s expertise, you integrate Acumatica quickly to meet your business’s financial and operational goals. Additionally, we can help customize your Acumatica implementation to meet your business’s specific goals.

The cost of an Acumatica integration depends on your business’s industry, size, existing systems, applications, and network.

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Cloud-based ERP software subscription

In the past, businesses typically had to shell out a big chunk of cash to implement ERP software.

Now, with the agility and growth-mindedness of the remote workplace in mind, High Touch is excited to offer ERP software as a subscription service. Through this service, High Touch can offer provide deployment options, including licensing, implementation, and support at an affordable monthly cost.

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Custom Software Integrations

New to working remotely? Are you trying to integrate cloud-based systems with your on-premise environment? Your business may need custom software development expertise to get things up and running.

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a set of definitions and protocols that software developers can use to create custom integrations and middleware. For example, you could use a Google Maps API to embed Google Maps on your company’s website.

With over 35 years of development experience, High Touch can help create custom applications and integrations for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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E-Commerce Software Tools

Many businesses are looking to take advantage of a remote workplace environment and monetize their operations online. High Touch can help.

With experts in software development, business intelligence software, and website development, High Touch can prepare your business for the digital marketplace with e-commerce tools, such as:

  • Online storefronts
  • Online service sales
  • Fundraising websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Business listing management
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Mobile ApplicationsMobile Application Development

Enabling your business to succeed remotely means providing your employees with the tools they need to be successful in a remote workplace. With custom mobile applications for your business, you can guarantee employee success remotely and on-the-go.

Mobile applications look different based on your organization’s goals. In some cases, you may be looking to make a legacy application suit your remote workforce. In others, you may be looking to develop a new mobile dashboard with all your company’s mobile tools in one place. With a custom mobile application, the sky’s the limit.

High Touch specializes in the following mobile development platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • React Native
  • Apache Cordova
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
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We Make Things Easier.

High Touch can help your remote workforce boost its mobile productivity using integrated and custom software solutions. In addition, High Touch provides Remote IT and Cybersecurity services and Remote Communications solutions to enable your remote workforce to be successful.

High Touch can provide a customized package of solutions, services, and support to help your remote workplace stay connected, collaborative, and secure. Contact us today or visit our Remote Workplace Resources page to learn more.

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