Security Solutions

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, becoming more difficult to detect and prevent. At High Touch Technologies, we know that protecting your business and customer data is a top priority. We offer sophisticated, multilayered cybersecurity systems for new clients and those looking to upgrade.

At High Touch, we know that cyber and physical security go hand in hand. In addition to securing your network, High Touch can help monitor your business with surveillance and access control. These security basics protect you, your employees, and your property.

Security Services

In developing a total security solution, High Touch works closely with you to construct a customized plan in line with your business’ security goals.

Security Solutions


To offer maximum threat protection, High Touch recommends a multilayered cybersecurity system. We develop customized cybersecurity solutions based on customer needs, which can include:

  • Firewalls. Prevent incoming security threats with automatic remediation, sandboxing, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and advanced threat detection.
  • Endpoint protection. Protect local endpoints, such as workstations and servers, with various types of anti-virus solutions, including definition-based and behavioral-based security. Additional endpoint solutions include drive encryption and device management.
  • Email security. Automatically scan incoming and outgoing email for spam, unlawful interception, phishing, malicious attachments. Encrypt outbound emails containing sensitive data.
  • User education. Teach users about safe IT practices, such as internet, email, and peripheral device usage; password management; and data control.
  • Image and file backup. Keep on-premise and off-site company data stored, up to date, and protected.
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To keep your employees, business, and resources safe, High Touch offers customized surveillance solutions. Currently, over 200 customers depend on High Touch to keep their businesses safe. When engineering a surveillance solution for your business, we consider the size of your business, your industry, equipment specifications, and desired features.

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Security Access
Access Control

Access Control

Authorize and track entry to areas of your business using physical access control. Using keycards, fobs, or badges, you can protect your employees, property, and customers by restricting access to unauthorized areas.

Access Control