Access Control

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Access control is an essential piece of any business’s security solution. With access control, you regulate who can pass through or enter certain areas of your business. When you employ a properly installed and maintained access control system, you get the best in physical business security, including:

  • Emergency evacuation and mustering. Account for people who were required to evacuate at the time of an emergency event.
  • Employee safety. Prevent unauthorized individuals from entering employee-only areas of your business. Audit data in the event of a workplace incident.
  • Event management. Generate traffic reports and track when people enter and leave monitored areas. Limit the number of people allowed in a specific area.
  • Facility security. Restrict access to sensitive or valuable information, buildings, elevators, stairways, and more. Differentiate between employees and visitors. Know when people are entering or leaving monitored areas.
  • Threat alert. Send warnings if an unauthorized person enters a restricted area.
Access Control

Modern access control systems also feature state-of-the-art integrations for building control systems, including time management systems, lighting controls, video surveillance, smart building components, intrusion detection, and metal detectors.

Building Your Access Control System

High Touch can help you engineer the perfect access control solution for your business. Since no two businesses are alike, we help develop a custom access control system using four basic components:



The brain of the access control system. Can be hosted or cloud-based.


The device people interact with to pass through an access point.


The object people use with the reader to pass through an access point.

Electrified lock

The type of lock restricting people from passing through an access point.

Access Control Credentials

Each type of credential has its benefits. Depending on your business type, security goals, and budget, High Touch can help you select the best type of credential for your business.

Keypads require users to enter a passcode to unlock the door. While easy to maintain, if an employee shares the passcode, it can easily end up in the wrong hands.

A card, which can also serve as a form of employee identification, can unlock doors using a swipe or scan. However, employees can lose cards and they are easily lost or stolen. Key fobs work similar to cards, using near-field communication (NFC) through a plastic fob or smartphone app. Like a card, fobs can be stolen and used if not promptly shut off.

Using biometrics, a person scans their fingerprint or retina to unlock the door. By nature, biometrics are more difficult to hack, but they’re also more expensive and complicated to install.

Access Control Cost

The cost of access control security varies greatly based on the type of system you choose. Besides the panel, reader, credential, and electrified lock, there are several other factors to consider, including:

  • Wall materials
  • Door materials
  • Ceiling type
  • Door hinges
  • Door closers
  • Badge-in security versus badge-in/out security
  • Heavy traffic versus slow traffic areas
  • Number or users
  • Entry points

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