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cynergi|suite dashboardEngineered specifically with the rent-to-own (RTO) industry in mind, cynergi|suite gives businesses the scalable tools they need to dependably, securely, and efficiently track, sell, and rent inventory.

The cynergi|suite point of sale software system provides RTO businesses the tools and features to manage rental agreements, payments, customers, inventory, and employees. In addition to in-application features, cynergi|suite has an entire library of mobile applications to make running your RTO business easier on the go.

two-way text

2-Way Text Messaging

RTO business communications are more efficient when you can automate, initiate, capture, and store client text message conversations. With 2-Way Text Messaging, you can document and track all customer text conversations in the customer call history within cynergi|suite. Best of all, 2-Way Text Messaging is easy to initiate from the Collections screen.



Communication is fundamental for your RTO business’s success. With AutoQue, you can build stronger relationships with your customers by notifying customers of upcoming payments, communicating special promotions, sending special birthday greetings, and automatically collecting unpaid fees.

AutoQue gives you an easy, cost-effective way to communicate with your customers using the following features:

  • Opt-out functionality. Maintain compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations using AutoQue’s opt-out tools.
  • Call tracking. Create reports that display all call results, including positive and negative responses.
  • Integration. Merge AutoQue with your existing customer management software.
  • Text-to-speech. Convert text to human-sounding audio files.
  • Call control. Easily route calls.
  • Call bridging. Create an audio meeting between three or more participants.

web order widget

E-Commerce – Web Order Widget

The Web Order Widget seamlessly connects your website and online catalog to cynergi|suite. When a customer completes an order form on your website, the data automatically synchronizes with cyngergi|suite. All web order data enters cynergi|suite as a new prospect. From there, you can do the following:

  • View inventory information
  • Search for existing customers and add new order information
  • Create a new customer
  • View order notes
  • Process pending orders
  • Create rental agreements
  • Proceed to the rental payment screen
  • Cancel orders



Imagine it’s Monday morning. The previous week’s work is sitting on your desk—sales, inventory, rental revenue, delinquencies, and more. Are you suffering from fight or flight? Can’t see the forest through the trees? We can help.

With cynergi|suite Insight, your business data is gathered, processed, and organized into easy-to-read and easy-to-understand scorecards, displays, dashboards, and reports. You get immediate business insight, which allows you to make fact-based decisions. That means no more decision making based on intuition or educated guesses.

online payments

Online Payment Solution

We live in an online era where customers expect convenience. cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution is a cutting-edge application that makes online transactions easier than ever. Customers can make regular payments anywhere, anytime.

cynergi|suite’s Online Payment Solution is loaded with features your customers expect when making online payments, including:

  • 1-step registration. It’s quick and easy for customers to register and make payments.
  • Flexible login. Customers and administrators can log in using their email, user ID, or customer information.
  • Detailed account information. Gather detailed account information for each store.
  • Payment progress. Track payment status.
  • Payment history. Review a history of payment activity.

In addition, Online Payment Solution features robust tools for your home office, including corporate dashboards, data reporting, troubleshooting capabilities, and marketing options. We offer a secure, dependable, user-friendly, PCI-compliant solution designed to make the payment experience as convenient and efficient as possible.


FastInfo – Real-Time Reporting

With FastInfo, you have the ability to choose from over 20 predefined reports or create your own. FastInfo is an SQL relational database that allows you to generate reports for your RTO business based on your cynergi|suite data. Once generated, you can export your reports in .csv, PDF, .txt, or HTML formats.

In addition, FastInfo allows you to schedule reports you generate on a recurring basis. You can choose to receive these reports via email or through the portal.

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