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Tech talent assistance

High Touch Staffing Services specializes in the identification and placement of tech talent for the information technology (IT) industry – as well as placements in jobs and industries of any kind.

Offering a wide variety of services for companies looking to attract the highest caliber talent. We place employees for full time positions, temporary roles and project based needs.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Office managers and support staff
  • Legal/law office
  • IT and software development
  • Creative and marketing
  • C-Suite
  • Banking related/finance
  • Sales

High Touch Staffing Services can be selected a la carte to meet the needs of each individual employer we work with. Services we can provide include

  • Background screening
  • Drug screening
  • Behavioral testing
  • Skills testing (hard skills and soft skills)
  • Reference checks
  • Interviews

The individuals of High Touch Staffing Services include Jennifer Hughes, High Touch Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, and Kaydee Dutton, Staffing Specialist. In addition to her work at High Touch, Hughes has spent over 13 years in Human Resources, including multiple years of dedicated recruiting experience. Dutton works to both identify candidates and assist in pre-screening.

Wichita Community Foundation

Hiring the right person for the job, with the personality that fits your company is crucial. With the help of Jennifer at High Touch, we identified the perfect person. She saved us immeasurable time on the front end of the process, and brought highly qualified, pre-screened candidates for our role and our company.”

Shelly Prichard, Wichita Community Foundation

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