Website Security

Website SecurityHow secure is your business’s website? Have you had a recent security checkup? Don’t wait until your website is hacked to begin assessing your website security.

High Touch, with over 30 years of expertise in providing Security Solutions for businesses, applies dependable cybersecurity best practices to websites. Even if you’ve been hacked, High Touch can transfer your website to our secure hosting environment, add WordPress security software, and monitor your website for security threats.

Security Monitoring

When you employ Website Security services from High Touch, we keep your website safe by repairing, removing, or modifying website files as needed. If necessary, we actively notify you of potential security-related issues. As part of our Website Services, High Touch includes blacklist monitoring and unlimited malware removal.

High Touch utilizes security monitoring tools when building and maintaining websites. Through these tools, High Touch can conduct security audits and malware scans—combined endpoint firewalls and malware scanners to provide a dependable, efficient website security solution.

Website Maintenance

High Touch specializes in building modern, SEO-friendly websites primarily using the WordPress content management system. As an added service to High Touch’s Website Development services, we offer ongoing website maintenance, which includes updates to WordPress, plugins, and security monitoring tools.

Technology is a fast-paced industry. Developers are consistently updating WordPress plugins and themes—there’s an ongoing need to implement new designs, add new features, and update code for security precautions. Over time, certain plugins and themes might stop receiving updates. Unsupported plugins and themes are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks, since the code is no longer being revised when hackers uncover vulnerabilities. As part of High Touch’s website maintenance agreement, we monitor plugins for updates and implement substitutions when they’re no longer supported.

General Website Assessment

High Touch assesses website security as part of our free general website assessment. During this assessment, High Touch examines the security of your website from a customer-facing standpoint. We assess your website to uncover security vulnerabilities that make your website an easy target for hackers.

High Touch’s general website assessment includes the following:

  • Basic Security Scan. We conduct an automated, general security scan to determine a user’s general risk when browsing your website. Following the scan, we will be able to determine if users are at a low, medium, or high-level risk when accessing your website.
  • HTTP/HTTPS. HTTPS is no longer reserved for websites that conduct financial transactions or request personal information. It’s the standard encouraged by Google for the security of all websites. The HTTPS protocol signals to your users and Google that your website is safe to interact with and browse. Not only is https important for your website security, but it’s also important for your search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more.
  • Forms. If not secured, bots can hack forms on your website and use them for malicious purposes. High Touch assesses your forms to make sure they’re as safe as possible. Commonly unsecured forms we’ve identified include, contact forms, surveys, event registrations, and order forms.

Cost of Website Security and Maintenance Services

Determining the cost of website security and maintenance services begins with a free general website assessment. This provides High Touch with a baseline for determining the amount of work required to begin website security services. In addition, when determining the cost of website security and maintenance services, High Touch considers the age of the website, required plugins, number of webpages, and the required amount of ongoing maintenance. For more information, contact us.

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Making sure your website is safe is just the beginning. High Touch offers additional Security Solutions to help keep your entire business safe, including Cybersecurity, Surveillance, and Access Control.

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