How was your April Fools’ Day this year? Did you do some pranking, or were you the one being pranked?

We’re already into the second week of April, so it’s time crack down on the mischief. Prank calls are a classic April Fools’ Day antic, but dropped and missed calls are no laughing matter. For most businesses, phone systems serve as the main point of contact with customers. You don’t want your customers to feel like they’re being pranked. With a cloud-based phone system, you can make sure you’re available for your customers when they need you.

An Up-To-Date and Secure Phone System

dropped calls

Do you currently manage your own phone system updates? How about phone system security? Leave phone system management to the experts. With cloud-based phone systems, the provider handles the system maintenance, software, and security updates, so you can put in more time where it counts—running your business.

Service and support are the bread and butter of cloud-based phone system providers. These businesses have the resources to invest in quality, infrastructure, and software. As a business owner, you can build on that service and support to provide the best experience for your customers. When you adopt a cloud-based phone system, you’ll be able to focus on your strategic customer communications, instead of wondering if your phone call went through, if you missed an important call, or if you forgot to respond to a voicemail.

Consolidate Providers With a Cloud-Based Phone System

Stating that there are an exhausting number of phone system providers on the market is an understatement. Businesses with multiple locations understand the frustration—phone system providers can vary by region, state, or even city depending on where you live. This makes managing multiple phone system providers and determining call quality issues a frustrating affair for multilocation businesses and business with remote workers. With a cloud-based phone system, you can consolidate all your phone systems under one service provider. You’ll be able to monitor your entire phone system network easily and efficiently.

One provider means it’s much easier to make, transfer, and receive calls between locations and remote employees. Also, with mobile device integration, you can serve your customers anywhere, anytime.

Likewise, troubleshooting phone system issues can be much easier. With a cloud-based phone system, you can pinpoint network errors much more efficiently. In most cases, there’s no need to contact multiple parties to get to the bottom of your phone system issue. Instead, you’ll have one point of contact, which allows you to resolve system issues quickly and efficiently. A single-provider cloud-based phone system can help with employee allocation too. Focus on helping your business grow, instead of investing employee resources in call quality and dropped calls.

dropped calls

Miss Fewer Important Phone Calls

Just because you have a business phone line you’re responsible for, doesn’t mean you have to be tied to a desk all day. Hanging up analog desk phones is easier than you might think. Cloud-based phone systems allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere, anytime.

How many calls do you miss while your business is closed? With a cloud-based phone system, you’re better equipped to handle customer and employee emergencies, in case they occur. Cloud-based phone systems also include a variety of productivity applications to help make running your business easier, like auto attendant, visual voicemail, voicemail to email, and text-to-speech.

Choosing a Cloud-Based Phone System Provider Can Be Tough

Making the switch to a cloud-based phone system is challenging, and navigating the market of cloud-based phone system providers can be downright overwhelming. When researching cloud-based phone system providers, you need to consider the following:

  • Network strength
  • Required bandwidth
  • Contract requirements
  • Local on-site support availability
  • Device integration
  • Installation cost
  • Support services
  • Training services

High Touch Can Help

Our goal is to help you improve your business’s communication. With over 30 years of experience providing phone systems and communication services, we can help you navigate the market and choose the right phone system for your business.

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