Domain Management

Think of your domain like your business’s digital front door. It’s the easy-to-remember name of your website. For example, our domain is Your domain is essential to representing your business’s brand and managing your business’s online presence. If your domain doesn’t represent your business, customers will have a difficult time locating your business through an online search engine like Google. If they can’t find your business online, odds are they won’t come look for it in person.

Managing your business’s domains can be tricky and time-consuming. With Domain Management services, High Touch can oversee every aspect of your business’s domains, including:

  • Selecting domains
  • Purchasing domains
  • DNS changes
  • Transferring domains
  • Renewing domains

Why is Domain Management Important?

As guests use your business street address to find out where you’re located, customers use domains to find out more about your business online. Without proper domain management, you can experience issues with the following:

  • Expiration. If your domain expires, anyone can purchase it. They can hold it ransom for a price, or refuse to sell it back to you, which can have detrimental effects to your business.
  • Reputation. It can be harmful to your business if another party purchases a domain name that closely resembles yours, steals your online traffic, and ruins your reputation.
  • Identity. Your domain is an essential part of your company’s branding. If your domain name doesn’t closely match your business, customers won’t be able to locate your business online.
  • Organization. In the past, have you had to work as the facilitator between your domain provider and your IT provider? This is a common occurrence for tasks like website or email-related DNS changes. Unfortunately, it can be complicated and time consuming. Many businesses find it easier for an IT provider to manage their company domains instead.

Domain Purchasing

Buying domains can be unnerving. Are you purchasing the right domains? Are you paying a fair price? High Touch has the experience to help you make the right decisions for your business. We can help you purchase available domains or help you navigate the process of purchasing an owned domain.

Domain Transfers

Are you questioning the security of your current domain provider? If your domain has been registered for over 60 days, High Touch can transfer your domains and provide management and renewal services, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Domain Consulting and Research

High Touch has the tools, knowledge, and experience to answer any domain-related questions your business might have. We’ve been providing Website Services for over 20 years. With our knowledge, we can help your business make smart domain-related decisions. In addition, our background in email services and network management gives us the experience to tackle the most complicated domain management scenarios.

DNS Changes

Domain name systems (DNS) act as a directory for the internet. These records link hard-to-remember IP addresses, which are the numeric designations to identify locations on the internet, with more familiar-sounding domain names. High Touch can help your business save time by handling all of your DNS changes or help you troubleshoot existing DNS issues. More importantly, we have the skills to make complex DNS changes related to setting up subdomains, aliases, masking, or redirects.

Website SecuritySSL Certificates

Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates are online digital credentials that validate your website’s identity. Think of an SSL certificate like a driver’s license—it contains specific information about your business and website, including your domain name, company name, address, city, state, country, and SSL certificate expiration date. An SSL certificate confirms your business’s identity, which gives customers piece of mind when they’re filling out forms or making online transactions.

Keeping your SSL certificates up-to-date is critical. If your website’s SSL certificates are out of date or nonexistent, browsers will warn users that your website is potentially unsafe, which can be a huge red flag for business transactions. Furthermore, with Google’s emphasis on internet safety, your search engine optimization (SEO) can take a hit if your SSL certificate is outdated. Google will rank more secure websites before yours in search results if your site has a security issue. High Touch can manage your SSL certificates for you, so you never have to worry about SSL certificate issues impacting your business.

Learn More

In addition to Domain Management, High Touch offers essential website services like Website Development, Website Security, SEO, and Business Listings Management to help improve your business’s online presence. In addition, with cybersecurity and software development experts on staff, we can help enhance your website beyond the basic out-of-the-box solutions.