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High Touch Technologies is a software, technology, and communications company that provides services and support to all industries. We help your business grow by expanding your technology and communications capabilities.

We bring the human touch to technology.

Establish a successful remote workplace with the help of High Touch. Remote Workplace Solutions help businesses make the most of their remote work environment. Whether it’s helping set up your remote workplace technology, creating custom software tools, enabling your e-commerce strategy, or supporting your technology needs remotely, we have the skills and experience to help make things easier.

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When you employ High Touch Technologies as an IT Solutions provider, you’re not hiring one employee—you’re hiring a world-class team of industry experts. With a comprehensive set of skills and customer-focused talents, High Touch can serve your business’ technology needs from tier 1 help desk troubleshooting to executive-level management.

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With the right software, your business can boost its efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and modernize processes. High Touch understands that every business and industry has its own unique obstacles to overcome. Our expert engineers can build your solution from the ground up, modify existing solutions, or take over current projects.

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High Touch engineers custom business communications solutions for operations in any industry. Modern phone systems incorporate cutting-edge technology and powerful features that boost internal companywide communications. Whether your business is just getting started or continuing to grow, we can help engineer a communications solution that’s right for you.

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Owning your website isn’t as simple as it used to be. Complicated maintenance, security, domain management, and search engine optimization (SEO) require constant time, money, and attention to stay relevant. Your dedicated internal resources could focus on helping your business grow instead of maintaining a website.

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At High Touch, we know that cyber and physical security go hand in hand. In addition to expertly securing your network with smart, multi-layered cybersecurity solutions, High Touch can help protect your business with surveillance and access control. By engineering custom security solutions, High Touch can protect you, your employees, and your property.

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