Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization (SEO)Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of constructing websites to gain organic traffic. Organic traffic, or website visitors you gain from unpaid sources like search engines, listings pages, and social media, hinges on how optimized your website is to align with search engine algorithms. If search engines don’t think your website is a user-friendly, accurate, and reliable source of information that closely matches typical user search terms, your website won’t receive good search rankings. Bad search rankings translate to fewer website visitors and bad SEO.

More importantly, if your website ranks well, the content needs to align closely with your business services and goals. Website traffic is great, but it’s better when it converts to new customers.

If you do a quick Google search for SEO, you’ll find that it’s a heated discussion topic among technology and website experts. You might know that generally, SEO is valuable for your business and your website, but do you know why experts place so much emphasis on the importance of SEO? It’s a tough science that’s constantly evolving based on search engine algorithm changes and content trends. Instead of spending time digging through discussion boards for answers, let us handle the SEO work for you.

SEO Services

High Touch follows best practices for SEO strategies when building and assessing websites, including website code validation, speed optimization, strategic content development, and valid folder and file naming. We also research and implement trending SEO tactics that have been proven to boost organic traffic results.

In addition, High Touch employs Google Analytics to monitor and record website visitor data. Google Analytics illustrates where your website traffic is coming from, what your website visitor demographics look like, and how visitors interact with your website. As part of High Touch’s SEO services, we can help you understand what this data means for your business.

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SEO Assessments

High Touch offers general SEO assessments, which provide constructive SEO feedback for your website. Our general SEO assessment measures three key areas of your website from a customer-facing standpoint. High Touch’s general SEO assessment analyzes the following:

  • Content Quality. High Touch examines the navigation, layout, and relevance of your website content. In addition, we investigate the relevance of your content to essential industry keywords.
  • Social Media Presence. Does your company have social media accounts? If so, how active is your company on each platform? When you post on social media, where are you driving traffic?
  • Listing Sites. There are hundreds of websites that compile company website information. These sites, like Yellow Pages and Yelp, provide essential information about your company to active and prospective customers. Having consistent information about your business can help keep traffic flowing to your website. Learn more about Business Listing Management.

If requested, High Touch can conduct an advanced SEO assessment that investigates website speed, code, keywords, and more. An advanced SEO assessment is key to documenting a future SEO strategy for your business.

Cost of SEO

High Touch provides general SEO assessments starting at $100. In addition, we provide additional SEO work and advanced SEO assessments based on an hourly rate. The total cost of SEO work depends on the results of the general assessment. To learn more about the cost of High Touch’s SEO services, contact us.

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SEO is important for Website Development, and closely relates to other website services, including Domain Management and Business Listing Management. To learn more about High Touch’s Website Services, click the button below.

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