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Your company’s hardware is the backbone of your operations. From computers and servers to phone systems, High Touch Technologies helps your hardware work for you.

Maintaining hardware efficiency is key. New hardware is expensive up front, while old hardware can be costly to maintain—you’re vulnerable to system failure, security vulnerabilities, and decreased productivity. With over 30 years of technology expertise, High Touch can help you find a balance between purchasing new hardware, leasing hardware, and upgrading or maintaining existing hardware.

To determine if your business is ready for a hardware replacement or upgrade, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it cheaper to upgrade my current hardware than it is to buy new hardware?
  • Will new hardware allow me to install new features that weren’t compatible with my old hardware?
  • If I upgrade my hardware, will it void my current warranty?


As experts in IT solutions, High Touch helps your business operate efficiently with cost-effective hardware services and solutions. There are many benefits to purchasing and upgrading hardware, including:

  • Security. Cybersecurity threats evolve rapidly, leaving older computers and servers more vulnerable to attacks. Security software can help, but with older hardware, hackers have had more time to discover potential entry points.
  • Data integrity. If you’re not backing up your data regularly, and you depend on antiquated hardware, equipment failure can result in catastrophic data loss. Newer hardware is more reliable and data-friendly.
  • Compatibility. Recent security updates, software upgrades, and applications need up-to-date hardware for optimal performance.
  • Speed. Older hardware is slow. As technology advances, systems require more and more hardware power to function. Oftentimes, older hardware struggles to support the demand of new applications.
  • Noise. For customer-facing business, loud and outdated hardware can look and sound unprofessional.


In addition to replacing and upgrading hardware, High Touch can help you build a plan for your business’s future hardware needs. Waiting for equipment to fail can have disastrous consequences, such as data loss or complete business shutdown. However, upgrading and replacing hardware is an expensive task.

With careful planning, you can make sure that your business’s hardware remains up-to-date and functioning. Replacement planning helps you prepare for equipment purchases, instead of hoping there’s money in the budget to replace equipment when it fails.


At High Touch, we work directly with you to make sure you have the most efficient hardware solution for you budget. In addition to hardware ownership solutions, we offer affordable hardware leasing programs. Our breadth of knowledge also ensures that your IT solutions will be compatible with one another.

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