Website Development

Is your business in the market for a new website? Do you need help hosting and maintaining your existing website? High Touch works directly with clients to develop, redesign, and maintain websites. We build modern, SEO and mobile-friendly websites primarily using the WordPress content management system (CMS).

High Touch’s website development workflow ensures you’re involved through every step of the process, without doing any of the heavy lifting. We value and encourage client feedback throughout website projects and strive to keep websites safe for years to come.

New and Existing Website Development

Do you need a new website? Generally, businesses seek out website development for two major reasons: their existing website is outdated or they don’t have one. If your business doesn’t have a website, the choice is obvious: you need one. Determining if your current website is out-of-date can be a bit trickier—the most common indicators include:

website development
  • Security. Has your website been hacked? Then it’s time for a new site with the proper cybersecurity features in place.
  • Responsiveness. Try accessing your website on your cell phone or tablet. Is everything easy to see and tap, or is it just a miniature version of your desktop site? If it’s a miniature version, your website needs to be rebuilt.
  • Analytics. Your website should have the tools you need to analyze visitor traffic.
  • Speed. If you’re frustrated waiting for your website to load, so are your customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website content should drive traffic to your business. SEO is essential to score organic traffic, and your content is key to scoring potential customers.
  • Design. Has your website looked the same since the early 2000’s? Are you bored with the way your website looks?
  • Brand Refresh. If your company is getting a facelift, your website needs one too—we can help you fix that. We’re happy to work with your creative agency of choice or advise you on website aesthetics.

Website Development website managementProcess

Developing a website for your business isn’t an overnight process. It takes careful planning, building, and testing to ensure you’ll get the best results. When building websites, High Touch functions as an extension of your in-house team. We put the focus on your company’s needs throughout the entire development process.

High Touch follows a six-step process when constructing websites.

  1. Plan. During the initial phase of the website development process, we work with you to determine your company’s website style, color palette, navigation, features, content, and images. We can also help you select relevant domains if you don’t already have one and determine your hosting requirements.
  2. Build. Once there’s a solid design plan in place, we can start building your website. We develop websites in a secure environment, which allows you to watch the development progress and approve changes. Viewing your website’s development progress in real-time allows you to see how the content, layout, navigation, and features function together.
  3. Test. After we finish building your website, we test your website’s responsiveness on mobile and tablet devices. We also test its functionality in all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  4. Launch. Once you approve your website, we’ll launch it.
  5. Security and Maintenance. Getting your website launched is half the battle. Keeping it safe, up-to-date, and running is the other half. Website security and maintenance services include website and plugin updates, security scans, malware detection, and endpoint firewall protection.
  6. Analyze. During the build process, we integrate Google Analytics to help you better understand your website traffic. We can consult with you to help you figure out what that data means for your business.
Website Security

Website Maintenance and Management

You can’t just deploy a website and expect it to stay relevant forever. A good website operates like a fine-tuned vehicle—think of website maintenance like getting an oil change or buying new tires. To keep your website functioning for the long haul, you’ll need to do periodic maintenance for security and functionality. High Touch can maintain and manage your website, which gives you more time to focus on running your business. Our secure website management services include:

  • Business Listings Management. Does your business have multiple locations with customer-facing contact information you need to manage, like phone numbers, addresses, and business hours? We can help. Learn more.
  • Content Updates. We can provide a training document on how to do content updates. In some cases, content updates require the help of an expert—we can handle that too.
  • Domain Management. Transfer your domains to High Touch and let us handle account changes, domain renewals, and DNS record changes. Learn more.
  • Website Hosting. High Touch can host your website and meet storage, bandwidth, SSL certificate, and website backup needs.
  • Website Security. High touch is an industry expert in cybersecurity. We can help make sure your website is secure, even if you’ve been hacked before. Learn more.
  • Website Visitor Traffic Monitoring. We can add Google Analytics to any website and help you understand your traffic.

Cost of Website Development, Maintenance, and Management

No two websites are the same, which can make pricing a new website or website maintenance services tricky. When collecting quotes for website services, you’ll need to consider how different features and requirements affect the price. For starters, how complicated is the design of your website? Will it require the assistance of a graphic designer or complicated front-end development work?

In addition, you’ll need to consider the features you plan to implement on your website. Will you require many feature integrations like calendars, translation services, shopping carts, and chat bots? Depending on the number of features you have to integrate, it may take more development time, which in turn, can make your website more expensive.

The hosting option you choose can also affect the price of your website development services. The monthly fee required to upkeep your website depends the amount of storage space and backup retention your website needs. Your website’s domain management needs can also affect the cost. High Touch includes an SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth with website hosting in the cost of our Website Development service.

Finally, website maintenance and security are important when determining the cost of website development services. High Touch considers plugin updates, security scans, malware monitoring and repair, endpoint firewall protection, and security scanning when determining the cost of keeping your website safe, secure, and up-to-date.

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Are you looking to build a new website for your business, or update or maintain an existing one? High Touch offers Website Development and supplemental services, such as Business Listings Management, Domain Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Security.  As an added bonus, with over 30 years of experience developing custom software solutions, High Touch can engineer custom website integrations that improve your website experience for your business and your customers.