Legacy Systems

If you’re looking to enhance, modernize, or support your existing legacy software solution, High Touch Technologies can help. With over 30 years of experience in software development, High Touch employs the knowledge and resources to engineer legacy systems for any sized business or industry.

Our personable systems engineers can assist with any of your legacy project needs. High Touch can provide consulting knowledge, complement your existing development teams, or engineer your legacy software development from start to finish.

Development Languages

High Touch provides development and support for multiple legacy languages and platforms. Our engineers’ knowledge is constantly evolving with the development landscape. To learn more about supported languages and platforms, contact us. Our most commonly supported legacy development services include:

  • Assembler
  • Fortran
  • RPG
  • Pascal
  • PL/I


Maintaining, modernizing, or enhancing a legacy solution may offer a cost-effective way to help grow your business. Sometimes, your current solution functions well, but misses the mark occasionally. Modifying your legacy software could be the answer.

High Touch provides consulting services, assisted by Software Solutions experts, to help you discover the best solution based on your business’s specific needs. For existing custom legacy systems, you may not realize that a simple software upgrade can do the same job as a new application.

Software Solutions

For some businesses, adopting a new solution isn’t an option. New software can be challenging to implement—some industries depend on active 24/7 software. When you can’t experience downtime between solutions, custom-built enhancements can work efficiently.


With our extensive development experience and client-focused approach to technology, High Touch can engineer and deliver customized legacy software solutions for your business. Considering the size and complexity of your project, we can provide legacy software solutions including:

  • Enhancements. Upgrade your existing legacy solution to implement changes, streamline workflows, or add exciting features.
  • Modernization. With experts in custom software and mobile development, High Touch can help your business migrate existing legacy applications to modern software solutions.
  • Support. We can help you fix troublesome bugs and improve legacy system performance.
  • Consulting. If you’re unsure if modernization or maintenance of legacy software is right for your business, High Touch can provide expert-level knowledge to keep your business growing in the right direction.


By nature, the cost of your legacy system project varies based on the type and amount of work High Touch performs. We provide a business development document for each project with a complete cost breakdown.

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High Touch offers additional software solutions, including Custom Software Development, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM).