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Employee Spotlight: Fanci Cross

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“I’m left-handed in a right-handed world. I do a lot of things wrong the first time…lol”

If you would’ve asked Fanci what she wanted to be when she was younger, she would’ve told you accounting was the way to go. “I was always good at accounting, so I started down the accounting path. Then, I flunked accounting theory twice. I aced my programming classes, so I decided to switch to tech instead,” jokes Fanci.

Fanci CrossAlmost 40 years later, Fanci is High Touch’s Senior Project Coordinator for Rent-To-Own (RTO) Development. In a job that requires her to wear many hats while juggling 100 different things at once, Fanci’s “straight-from-the-hip” personality ensures High Touch is accountable and we meet our client’s needs. Whether it’s her not-so-secret addiction to CSI crime shows or her life-long dedication to coordinating just about anything, Fanci’s keen attention to detail assures our clients’ custom changes, sales, closures, and acquisitions are completed smoothly and accurately.

From Burgers to Ledgers to Servers

Fanci’s first job was at a fast-food restaurant called Pick’s Drive Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas. “My mom was a carhop, and I worked inside at the counter between the carhops and the cooks. I guess that’s when I started coordinating when you think about it,” Fanci laughs.

Naturally good with all things numbers, Fanci thought she was destined for a career in accounting, but as it turns out, she was better at programming. She was also a good enough accountant to see that a career in tech could be more profitable. “When interviewing for jobs before I graduated from college, the money as a programmer turned out to be better than an entry-level accounting position. I landed an awesome job in Houston that was a good fit for me to grow in technology.”

From there, Fanci expanded her expertise and developed a knack for working the bridge between heads-down programming and face-to-face client conversations. In her current role, Fanci translates tech jargon into a language clients can understand and vice versa, a skill that’s absolutely critical to a successful, dependable client-partner relationship.

Fanci facilitates High Touch project delivery by:

  • Writing statements of work, proposals, and custom programming agreements
  • Monitoring and following up with projects to ensure they’re meeting deadlines and in scope
  • Ensuring all changes are signed off on and validated
  • Completing invoicing
  • Keeping everyone on task

And of course, anything and everything in between.

Being Human Brings the Human Touch to Technology

For Fanci, helping people get things done using technology is her motivation to be successful.

“We’re so focused on high-tech communication, that often we forget the value of human-to-human interaction. I believe adding the human touch requires soft skills and personal integrity,” states Fanci. “I like to prove to our clients that I truly am only a phone call away. We listen first to understand the issue. Then, we make sure we clarify what the real issue is at large before saying what we’ll do. We’re honest and follow through, not only with emails but with phone calls, Skype, Teams…whatever it takes. Engaging on a human-to-human level is still the best way to win over clients.”

She’s no stranger to being creative in experimenting with new forms of communication either. Fanci’s favorite app is Snapchat—she uses the app to send goofy messages to her daughter in college and friends.

Beyond serving existing High Touch clients, Fanci’s passion is winning over clients that may have had bad technology experiences in the past. “I really enjoy making it happen for our clients. You need to get out of your box to grow. Constant change is inevitable, and I think change is fun!”

Get to Know Fanci

As part of our Employee Spotlight interview, we ask a series of lighthearted questions to highlight the unique, diverse personalities that make our High Touch team great. No one can deny that doing a cannonball into a pool full of beanie babies sounds awesome, right? Unlike Seth and Laura, Fanci is the first commitment to team “Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich.”

If you could jump into a pool of anything of your choosing, what you fill it with?

Beanie Babies

What’s one quirky thing people don’t know about you?

I am a CSI, criminal investigating buff. I love those shows when I have time to watch them.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

No, it is a hot dog.

Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost?

Fanci Cross Hawaii quoteI’d haunt someone in Hawaii just so I could hang out there dead. It’s too expensive to go there alive…lol

What was your first job?

Pick’s Drive Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas, a fast food restaurant. My mom was a carhop, and I worked inside at the counter between the carhops and the cooks. I guess I was coordinating then…lol

Does a cyclops wink or blink?


What’s your favorite mobile app or website?


Which famous person would you have dinner with and why?

Madonna because we are the same age.

What’s the most awkward thing you do on a regular basis?

Snapchat my daughter and her friends to make them laugh.

If you could breed two different animals together, which two would you pick, and what would you call the new lifeform you’ve created?

Wolf and Lion. Call it a Wion lol.

Would you rather go 30 days without your phone, or three months with no dessert?

Three months with no dessert.

What’s something you always do wrong the first time?

I’m left-handed in a right-handed world. I do a lot of things wrong the first time…lol

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