High Touch and Quantum Credit Union Donate PCS to Kansel

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Quantum Credit Union PCs Kansel

Pictured left to right: Chuck Bullock, Jacob Burrow, Thomas Montiel, Jeff Lucas

Did you know High Touch’s Wichita-based IT Solutions team recently joined forces with Quantum Credit Union to donate 11 refurbished PCs to KANSEL?

Donating Hardware, Software Solutions, and Security Solutions

On August 30, 2018, members from High Touch and Quantum delivered the newly refurbished PCs to KANSEL.

Following a hardware upgrade, Quantum Credit Union had 11 older workstations that it wanted to donate. Through its community involvement, High Touch was able to help Quantum make the connection with KANSEL—High Touch provides remote IT management services for Quantum, and High Touch Senior Director of Technology Solutions Jeff Lucas serves on the board of directors at KANSEL.

Additionally for the project, High Touch furnished new hard drives, installed Windows, completed security updates, and configured software patches for the workstations.


The Kansas School for Effective Learning (KANSEL) is a unique, private, nonprofit school that aggressively and pragmatically identifies and pursues solutions to the foundational educational needs of the community.

Founded in 1989, KANSEL has helped to provide the community with a skilled and educated workforce. KANSEL is one of very few organizations in the Wichita area that has the ability to elevate adult students from dependency to independence through education.

A majority of students come to KANSEL with a very low level of literacy, live in poverty, and are considered to be “High Risk.”

More Community Involvement

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