High Touch Joins Companies in Creating FlagshipKansas.Tech Technology Council

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When you think of technology hubs, what cities come to mind? Probably places like San Jose, San Francisco, and Seattle, right? Did Wichita make your list?

We’re going to take a guess—probably not. The city is synonymous with aircraft manufacturing, tornadoes, and Pizza Hut, but not necessarily technology. However, a new group is looking to change that.

Nine Wichita-area businesses have teamed up to create FlagshipKansas.Tech, a technology council focused on cultivating programs that help grow technology companies in Kansas. That includes creating a plan to retain and recruit young talent to the Sunflower State.

Technology and Wichita

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Cities look to technology-based companies to create a sustainable economy and attract talented residents. With high-paying jobs, exciting career advancement opportunities, and indulgent benefits, tech companies usually have no problem attracting the best talent in the industry.

So, why have tech companies taken a back seat in Wichita? A new technology council will figure out why and start building a road map for a successful technology-forward future.

Meet FlagshipKansas.Tech

According to its website, “FlagshipKansas.Tech is a non-profit organization that brings together Kansas technology companies to shine a light on the depth of skill, ingenuity, and innovation running in our cities and communities. Together, we can break down ill-conceived notions of available talent and career potential waiting to be unlocked in our state while helping each other continue to thrive in Kansas.”

The board contains technology leaders from nine Wichita-based technology companies, including our own Kevin Colborn, Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions. Other participating companies include Flint Hills Group, NetApp, Cornerstone Data Inc., the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas, KeyCentrix, LLC, Callcap, CURO Financial Technologies, and PK Technologies.

“It’s a necessary growth opportunity for our city,” states Colborn. “Growing the tech community as a whole and cultivating tech talent in Wichita is beneficial for the city and all businesses involved. We’re doing great things to build a strong technology-driven future together.”

A National Presence

FlagshipKansas.Tech is affiliated with the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA). Through this affiliation, FlagshipKansas.Tech gains the opportunity to work with national tech council leaders to efficiently grow the organization and make a difference sooner rather than later.

High Touch and the Community

We foster a culture of social responsibility and service, investing in the community, and encouraging employee volunteerism and philanthropy. Learn more about High Touch’s community involvement activities.

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