High Touch Young Professionals Accepted to W’s Group Mentoring Program

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Bailey Larsen (Marketing Coordinator – Wichita), Johnathan Nichols (Software Developer – Wichita), and Zach Alexander (Content Writer – Wichita) have been accepted as protégés into the W Group Mentoring Program.

W Group Mentoring Program Protégés

From left: Johnathan Nichols, Zach Alexander, Bailey Larsen

W is Wichita’s community for young professionals. Through networking, leadership opportunities, and exclusive programs, W prepares young professionals for career and personal growth. Currently, W has over 3,700 members from 300+ organizations, primarily in the 24-37 age group.

About the Group Mentoring Program

W’s Group Mentoring program connects community leaders (mentors) from a diverse group of industries with young professionals (protégés). To be accepted into the program, applicants must complete an application, which is then reviewed by an acceptance panel.

Throughout the 8-month program, groups of six protégés are paired with two community leaders to provide guidance on topics such as relationship building and networking, career development, and tips for success. The groups navigate their own goals throughout the program’s overarching themes.

Congratulations Johnathan, Zach, and Bailey!

For more information about W, visit wyoungpros.com.

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