“New Normal” Or “Temporary Normal”? Developing An Agile Technology Plan

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work from homeHow do you know what technology you’ll need to run your business for the rest of the year?

Many businesses are trying to navigate unchartered waters — you’re either trying to reintegrate to on-premise work, continue to work from home, or planning for a future work from home scenario. There isn’t a crystal ball showing businesses how next month will look. It’s hard to develop a plan when you have no idea what the future has in store.

One option is to continue band-aiding your existing technology resources. That’s taking technology you already have, carrying it back and forth from the office, and working through what you can.

From a financial sense, at least upfront, “making do” may seem like the right choice. However, on-premise technology, communications tools, software, workflows, cybersecurity, and hardware don’t always work well in remote work environments. The features aren’t always there. The connectivity can be lacking. Unfortunately, not all tools work the same. When you look at the big picture, your business’s bottom line could suffer if your employees don’t have the tools they need.

The Future of Workplace Technology

With the future of remote work, or planning for another disaster-related work from home scenario, consider your short-term and long-term business goals. Will your business be working temporarily, then moving back into the office, or will you be working remotely, either fully or partially, for the long haul?

Have you researched remote-first technology solutions? They may be more affordable than you think and have many benefits for on-premise businesses as well.

When you set goals for your business, determine where you need to make improvements, and understand the technology resources available, you can better understand the technology purchases you need to make to help your business flourish in a remote, on-premise, or hybrid workplace environment.

Set Goals for Your Technology

Making technology purchases on a whim isn’t recommended. You’re bound to be blinded by features, flashy packaging, and expensive bells and whistles you may not need. When buying technology for your workplace, set goals you want to accomplish before making purchases.

To set your goals, consider the following questions:

1. What struggles are you currently experiencing, or what challenges can you expect in a “new normal” work scenario?

  • Communication isn’t the same.
  • It isn’t easy to collaborate on projects.
  • On-premise hardware isn’t available at home or doesn’t work well.
  • IT teams can’t fully support the changing business landscape.

2. What does your remote workplace plan look like?

  • We won’t be working from home at all.
  • We’re only working from home temporarily.
  • We’re working from home for the long-haul and need remote-first solutions.
  • We’ll be splitting work time between home and the office.

3. What systems and workflows do you have that don’t work for a “new normal” workplace?

  • Employees don’t have access to on-premise hardware and software.
  • Cybersecurity to protect sensitive data and networks.
  • Tools for user education and job accountability.

Calculate the Technology You Need to Meet Your Goals

After you’ve determined your goals, it’s time to build a plan to accomplish them.

First, figure out the biggest bang for your buck. Make a list of essential technology needs for your business to continue working. These needs include tools like software, hardware, and communications systems that employees use daily. Also, consider your unique working environment, since specific tools may be more essential than others. For example, laptops may be a better solution for hybrid remote environments than hauling desktops back and forth from home.

Next, look at the technology solutions and services that will make things easier for employees. Would a collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams help the organization as a whole? Is it more beneficial to have a modern phone system that connects your on-premise phone line with employees working from home?

Of course, you need to also consider your employees that need technology the most—the employees with decreased performance, struggling communications, and disrupted workflows.

Research Technology Solutions to Accomplish Your Goals

When you know your goals and the types of technology you need, you can begin researching the physical solutions you need to get the tangible business outcomes you want. Many businesses can benefit from remote technology solutions, whether they’re fully remote, partially remote, or on-premise.

  • Remote IT and Cybersecurity. The physical technology pieces you need to get work done from anywhere. Cloud computing. Remote IT management. Data backup and disaster recovery. Virtual network security. Virtual private networks (VPN). Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
  • Remote Communication. The technology tools you need to collaborate and communicate when you can’t meet face-to-face. Cloud-based and hybrid VoIP phone systems. Microsoft Teams. HD Video Conferencing.
  • Software. The software and integrations you need to work from home, serve customers, and communicate with on-premise systems. Cloud-based ERP. Custom Integrations. Middleware. E-commerce software. Custom mobile applications.
video call remote collaboration

High Touch Provides the Technology Businesses Need

The technology solution for your business is unique. With the right planning, research, and expert guidance, you can develop a comprehensive technology solution that enables your business’s remote work success.

High Touch provides comprehensive technology services for businesses operating in remote, on-premise, and hybrid environments. We can help make things easier for your business by delivering technology solutions and support.

We know that getting started can be tough. Additionally, High Touch can provide Technology Consulting services to help businesses determine a technology plan for future success.

To learn more about the technology solutions and services offered by High Touch, fill out a Get In Touch form, and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

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