On June 24, politico.com featured an article, “Welcome to the Tronc widgeteria” discussing the technologies used by SNT Media (Social Networking Technology) – which now occupies the fourth, fifth and tenth floors of the High Touch Technologies building in Wichita.

SNT MediaThe article, written by Ken Doctor begins with the following:

“How much of the much-ballyhooed and much-ridiculed nerve center of Michael Ferro’s promised artificial intelligence empire can be found on the fourth, fifth and tenth floors of Wichita’s High Touch building on south Main Street?

SNT Media now produces much of the commercially oriented content for Ferro’s new tronc.com site – a site company insiders say SNT (for Social Networking Technology) created for the company. In addition, SNT has just announced a major hiring binge, saying it will add 80 engineers over the next year…”

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