Did you get the opportunity to read about High Touch hosting U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Ronald Fritzemeier and Lieutenant Holly (Quick) Carey last spring?

Driven by High Touch’s expertise in providing full-scale security solutions, part of the U.S. Navy’s presence at the High Touch headquarters was driven by the company’s major corporate sponsorship of the USS Wichita.

About the USS Wichita

According to the website, “The USS Wichita (LCS-13) is a Freedom-class littoral combat ship of the United States Navy. It’s the third ship named after Wichita. Previous ships to bear the name included a World War II heavy cruiser (CA-45) and a Wichita-class Replenishment Oiler (AOR-1). The ceremonial “laying of the keel” was on February 9, 2015 in Marinette, Wisconsin. USS WichitaSponsored by Kate Lehrer, wife of Wichita native Jim Lehrer, the ship was christened and launched on September 17, 2016.”

The USS Wichita’s commissioning ceremony takes place on Saturday, January 12, 2019 in Mayport, Fla.

According to the Commissioning Committee’s January 12, 2018 press release, “USS Wichita is designed to operate in shallow waters close to shore. A draft of only 13 feet enables the ship to conduct minesweeping operations, humanitarian support, anti-submarine, and drug trafficking surveillance, among other missions. USS Wichita assets include a launching pad for two MH-60 Seahawk helicopters.”

USS Wichita Sponsorship

The USS Wichita Commissioning Committee is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. As a proud Major Corporate Sponsor, High Touch’s Website Services team is responsible for developing, maintaining and hosting the committee’s website, usswichita.org.

Why does the USS Wichita need a website? The Commissioning Committee needed a way to building awareness about their organization, collect donations, and teach local communities about Wichita’s involvement with the ship and the U.S. Navy. A website was a perfect way for the committee to accomplish its goals.

According to Lindsay Boxberger, Web Development Supervisor at High Touch, “The USS Wichita project has been fun to be a part of. It was an exciting way to learn about the U.S. Navy, and at the same time, the connection and meaning to the city of Wichita.”

High Touch Community Involvement

We believe it’s important to give back to our communities. Learn more about High Touch’s community involvement or visit our blog.

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