Tara Clary Recognized By Wichita Business Journal – Women Who Lead In Marketing And Communications

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Wichita, Kan – (July 31, 2020) – Tara Clary, Senior Director of Marketing, has been recognized by the Wichita Business Journal (WBJ) as part of their Women Who Lead publication. Tara was featured as a leader in the Marketing and Communications category.

According to the WBJ, “It is through the Women Who Lead publication that we will recognize women who regularly offer guidance and learning to others, unselfishly. They help others move along their journeys in life both personally and professionally.”

“I aim to lead with optimism and positivity; the task at hand may be difficult, and we may not know how to do it, but nothing is out of reach if we all bring our best selves to the table and work it out.”

Tara began her marketing career in a nontraditional fashion. After pursuing a degree in music theatre, Tara has grown from working in the box office at Wichita’s Crown Uptown Theatre to working in corporate sales for a hotel, Marketing and PR Coordinator for the Wichita Symphony, Marketing Manager for Davis-Moore, and now, Senior Director of Marketing for High Touch.

Tara Clary

“Marketing found me at a time when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” states Clary. “I value the challenge of finding new ways to compel people to action and reach them where they are. I love continually discovering and thinking about what inspires and motivates people.”

A Passion for Community, People, and Collaboration

Tara’s career and leadership have focused on building relationships with people, whether it’s with the community, leaders she’s worked for, or team members she’s lead herself. “While selling was not for me, the community networking and involvement facet of the job (sales) was very enjoyable and provided me opportunities to further connect to the community, which was amazing. When a role at our Symphony came up, I jumped at it because it married my music knowledge with something community-oriented. That was where Marketing found me,” Clary states.

When asked about her leadership style, Tara states, “I want to inspire and empower others. I think the best description of leadership that exists is, ‘Leaders don’t build followers, they build more leaders,’ and empowering others to find the ways they can uniquely contribute is one of the best ways to do that.”

Tara’s former boss at High Touch, the late Tracy Lucas, helped shape her leadership style through influence and inspiration. “She was an empowering leader, a fierce advocate for her team, and a lifelong learner,” states Clary.” I aspire to be those same things and make her proud. Tara also mentioned other females in her “own backyard” who “make waves, lead with confidence, and also have a life beyond their day job.”

Congratulations, Tara!

Tara’s favorite part about her job is the people she works with. “I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a team that makes me better and with whom I am excited to collaborate. Our marketing team is full of talented, fun, dedicated people. They each bring specific knowledge and experience to the group that I do not, which keeps me learning every day. They are eager to learn and make our company better. How can you beat that?”

Thank you for everything you do to help lead High Touch in bringing the human touch to technology!

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