Ten signs you need a new IT strategy

August 22, 2017

New IT strategy

  1. You have anxiety every time you hear about a new ransomware/krypo-virus on the news
  2. A disaster in another part of the country makes you wonder how long your technology could be down before it impacted your bottom line
  3. You wonder what “the Cloud” means to your company
  4. Your last hardware refresh was more than three years ago
  5. Your IT strategy is more reactive than proactive
  6. You use Google, or another search engine to research your IT decisions
  7. You cannot remember the last time you “spun up” your “back-up”
  8. You have high level IT talent bogged down with problems like “my computer is frozen” or “I forgot my password”
  9. IT “emergencies” exist because you have not proactively maintained current licensing and/or firmware
  10. Your IT person feels like they can’t take time off – because there’s no backup if something goes wrong

A quick way to address all of these issues is to hire a Managed Services Provider (MSP). An MSP can complement an in-house team or can serve as your complete IT operation. Most importantly, an MSP can perform these functions with a higher return on investment. High Touch Technologies operates seamlessly in both environments.

Interested in what High Touch can offer your business? We are offering a free network assessment to both new and existing clients who want to improve their IT processes.

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Our team of certified engineers will conduct a two-hour site assessment of your information systems at no charge or obligation. Your summary report will include both our concerns and recommendations for your server structure, network security, software, email, data backup and recovery, and much more. We can take your business to a higher level of efficiency especially in challenging times, making the best use of technology can decrease costs and build a competitive advantage.

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