Top 4 reasons to use a MSP

September 6, 2017

Why do YOU need a Managed Services Provider?

Cyber thieves are spending every waking minute trying to find a new way in…how much time do you spend?

Did you know the average hack exists for eight months on a company’s server before it’s executed? Between laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, tablets, browsers and every other technology in your office, you are storing and transmitting a lot of data – data that hackers may already have access to. Chances are you need that data to run your business, making security imperative. Many people choose to leave this task to companies that are up-to-date on the most recent phishing schemes, malware attacks and social engineering scams.

Repurposing and getting more out of your existing IT structure

If your company doesn’t have an internal IT department, hiring an MSP is a no-brainer to stay secure and connected. If you DO have an in-house IT IT MSPdepartment, hiring out the day-to-day tasks to an outside provider can free up your Internal team to help make strategic, long-term decisions for your business. Plus, they give your team a sounding board for perpetual stability.

Affordable access to new technologies

Do you struggle with getting your team educated on every new technology, simply so you can decide if it’s necessary for you or not? An MSP will often already have that knowledge as they service a wide variety of customers and have a large team of experts. You can lean on them for both the knowledge of new IT offerings, and to help you support new technologies that your competitors may not have affordable access to. Put your MSP’s decades of experience to work for you.

Consistency and reporting

An MSP can provide you consistent reporting, adherence to specific standards (uptime guarantees, service level agreements, etc) and strict asset management of your entire technology infrastructure. Additionally, with an MSP you often get more insight and depth into any breaches and proactive ways to address them in the future. Another bonus? Most typically, these services are at a much reduced rate because of your MSP’s purchasing power.

Failures, incidents, hacks, and ransoms don’t typically happen 8-5 M-F. When it comes to IT services, you really need 24/7/365 reliability, and proactive monitoring, and management to avoid problems and detect them before they cause damage or compromise customer data/information. Managed IT is not watching and waiting; it is being proactive and providing tools to ensure you and your customer’s data remain yours.

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