Trick or treating doesn’t always have to be for children. This season, we’ve gathered a handful of technology tricks and we’re sharing the treats you can use to help make running your business easier.

Trick or Treat


Don’t Pay for Software That Doesn’t Meet Your Business Needs.

The market is flooded with out-of-the-box software solutions for every industry. Just because the software exists, doesn’t mean that it’s right for your business. With out-of-the-box software, you’re probably paying for a bunch of features you’ll never use. Also, there’s a good chance that out-of-the-box solution won’t meet your needs 100%.


Build a Custom Software Solution.

With custom software development, you get what you need without paying for a list of confusing features you may never use. Best of all, custom software works exactly like you want it to, based precisely on your individual business requirements. When the engineers coding your software understand your business requirements, you get software that saves you time, improves customer satisfaction, and simplifies workflows.


Don’t Expect Your Hardware to Work Forever.

You depend on your technology to run your business, so why risk your bottom line on that technology failing? Too many businesses operate on the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, when the technology you use to operate your business fails, you waste time and money waiting for repairs. These repairs can have a devastating effect on your business. Oftentimes, technology repairs are expensive and affect your productivity, customer experience, and employee satisfaction.


Plan Your Hardware Upgrades.

With planned hardware upgrades, you lessen the risk of downtime, unsecure systems, or slow service. You’ll have less surprises in your budget, allowing you to properly allocate funds to support growing your business. Furthermore, cost-efficient hardware planning ensures your systems are efficient, dependable, and up-to-date.


Don’t Try to Save Money by Making Your Own Website.

You wouldn’t want someone performing open heart surgery after watching a couple YouTube videos and reading a few blog posts, right? Sure, there are plenty of tools that make it easy to build a website. Just because your business has a website, doesn’t mean it has a good website. Oftentimes, your website is the first impression potential customers have of your business. You need to make that impression count.


Leave Your Website to the Experts.

On paper, website builders like WordPress seem easy enough, right? Even if the framework is in place, you’re missing the expert level guidance on search engine optimization (SEO), domain management, and website security. With a good website, you can attract more potential customers, help people find your business in person, and protect your business from cyberattacks.  By investing in your website, you’re investing in your business.


Don’t Assume Your Business Is Always Safe

We get it. You always make sure the door is locked when you leave. You’re careful on the internet. You only open emails from people you trust. You never click on advertisements. You follow best practices with your passwords, no matter how difficult they may be. Remember, most people aren’t trying to get a virus, but it still happens. Is your data safe in case a virus renders your computer useless?


Protect Your Business Before an Attack Happens.

Advanced treat protection (ATP), firewalls, endpoint protection, email security, user education, and data backup are all necessary for an effective cybersecurity plan that’s both proactive and reactive. Surveillance and access control are also key components in a total security solution. Is your security system meeting your business’s needs?

Are you curious on learning how to avoid more technology tricks? Or, maybe you’re ready to explore a treat for your business. Contact High Touch today.

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